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Free StarWind License for Virtualization Pros

StarWind Virtual SAN Free is a convenient and self-sufficient software, but in comparison with the commercial version, it has restricted functionality and features. It easily turns a pair of commodity servers into fault-tolerant SAN and NAS, but supports only Converged architecture, does not and provides only cloud-based asynchronous replication, etc. The full comparison of StarWind VSAN and VSAN Free can be found here. In case some of the features of the commercial version are needed for test and development, home lab or POC (Proof of Concept), there is still a way to obtain them.

StarWind highly values virtualization specialists and tries to assist them in every possible way, that is why professionals and students of the sphere can get a free license of StarWind Virtual SAN without restrictions and with all features enabled. Here is the list of users who can apply for this license:

Microsoft professionals

VMware professionals

Specialized forum members

Other users with relevant specialization

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