StarWind ProActive Premium Support

StarWind ProActive Premium Support

Timely fixing of issues that may arise in an IT infrastructure is of critical importance for business continuity and delivery of services. However, on-site IT teams can’t always notice emerging threats
in their environment straight away. Identifying the problem, determining the right solution, and applying it may take considerable time, which is the most valuable resource of system administrators.
Value Proposition

With StarWind ProActive Premium Support, we completely revolutionize the way support works. We do this by completely eliminating customer effort involved in identifying and troubleshooting an issue or even submitting a support case. With a combination of monitoring and proprietary analytics, we resolve an issue before it becomes major, allowing you to focus on innovation instead of constantly monitoring your environment. We believe that time is your most valuable asset, and we make it a priority to free up as much of it as possible.

By proactively monitoring infrastructure vital stats, our engineers come to you with a solution and not bad news.

This brings an unprecedented 99.9999% of uptime keeping all your applications constantly available and data secure, delivering not only financial benefits to your business, but a peace of mind that is hard to underestimate.


Unlike traditional support systems, which require customers to identify an issue, submit a ticket, and then wait for the resolution, we eliminate all the steps, bringing you the solution before you even know anything has happened. In the case of a problem, StarWind engineer gets an alert and reaches out to you to resolve it.

While typical offerings provide support only when problems arise, StarWind additionally provides advice on how to optimize your IT infrastructure, avoiding issues before they happen.


Service availability

StarWind always keeps your services available by resolving issues before they become a major threat to your production environment. Combined with StarWind HyperConverged Appliance’s level of fault tolerance, this creates six nines of availability for your applications.

Data Security

StarWind combines unprecedented levels of fault tolerance with “concierge service” support. We proactively prevent failures instead of reactively tackling the consequences. The on-site IT team rarely needs to bother about their virtual infrastructure. You can take time off without being afraid of coming back to unexpected downtime.

Time Saving

You can allocate your valuable time on innovation, not on monitoring your infrastructure. If there is an issue, we will come fully aware of the details of the problem.

Peace of Mind

You can simply let a team of professionals take care of your environment, knowing that in case of emergency, we will deal with it before you even realize the issue is there.

In addition to ProActive Premium Support, StarWind offers other unique support plans that adapt to your IT infrastructure
and meet your business needs. Get more information about all StarWind support levels by clicking the button below