Thank you for your interest in NFR license for StarWind Virtual SAN.

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StarWind Virtual SAN

for Mangolassi members

We highly value professionals in virtualization sphere and support them in their efforts. StarWind offers Mangolassi members with reputation over 200 a special free StarWind Virtual SAN Enterprise license with most of StarWind Virtual SAN features enabled.

Fault tolerance, high availability, asynchronous replication, snapshots - these are what this full-fledged hyperconverged version has to offer. The license comes without timebomb (unlimited time of use) and can be used for personal and production purposes.

There are several restrictions:

  • License transfer to any third party, including the user’s company, is strictly prohibited.
  • The key is issued once per user.
  • The license can be used only in a 2-node cluster.
  • StarWind Virtual Tape Library is not included.

Mangolassi members can apply for a license key to use StarWind VSAN for Hyper-V or vSphere.

StarWind Virtual SAN for Hyper-V installs as a Windows-native application directly in the Hyper-V parent partition and integrates with Windows Server management and security tools.

StarWind Virtual SAN for vSphere is a ready-to-go Linux VM that installs on the cluster nodes and creates a fault-tolerant storage pool available to the entire vSphere cluster.