Free Webinar
October 11 | 11am PT / 2pm ET
Learn how to build an IT infrastructure of your dream
with Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G servers
Speaker: Ivan Talaichuk, Pre-Sales Engineer, StarWind

Webinar: Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G servers: let’s look under the hood

What does building a new IT infrastructure start from? Right, planning always goes first. At that stage, decision makers like you sit down and carefully pick all the IT infrastructure components, and they usually start from the hardware. Well, it is often the most expensive and the most important part of your IT environment, so you want the servers to scale easily, be fault-tolerant, and deliver you the expected performance. Also, you want the hardware to have a good support and be easy in management. And, the last but not the least, you expect the price to be good too. Well, that’s what Dell PowerEdge 14 Generation servers are all about! Learn from the upcoming free webinar which Dell PowerEdge 14G model will be the perfect fit for your company.

The recorded webinar will be available soon

Webinar: Extend tape-based data to Microsoft Azure with Veeam & StarWind

Published: July 25, 2018

Organizations are still using tape for a variety of reasons, but many want to take advantage of the cloud for their tape backups in order to maintain business continuity and unlock enhanced reliability and simplicity. Veeam® Backup & Replication™ customers can leverage a seamless integration with StarWind to get their virtual tape library backups off site and into Microsoft Azure — delivering fast backup, granular recovery and huge cost savings, with no change to the existing backup infrastructure.