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March 7 | 11am PT / 2pm ET
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Speaker: Vladyslav Savchenko, Pre-Sales Engineer, StarWind

Webinar: Building a stretched cluster: Keep your data always secure

Are you a VMware or Hyper-V user, or maybe a system administrator who wants to deploy a stretched cluster in your IT environment? Do you experience any difficulties in this process or want to keep your data secure under any unforeseen circumstances, including hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes? We will answer all your questions and tell tips and tricks on how to build the cluster between different separate geographical locations and do not lose the mission-critical data. A stretched cluster allows combining servers into a single system, providing high availability (HA) and load balancing. With its help, you can easily migrate your VMs from one place to another. And the geographical location is absolutely irrelevant in this case! That is why you can make sure of the safety of your data even during an earthquake of 12.0 scores on the Richter scale! Learn from the upcoming free webinar about a stretched cluster differentiation, replication options for it, different deployment scenarios, ways to secure data and prevent split brain.

The recorded webinar will be available soon

Webinar: Managing Windows Server Failover Clustering: Pick the best option

Published: January 21, 2019

When managing a virtualized environment, the main task of a Windows Infrastructure Administrator is to spend minimum time with maximum efficiency. When it comes to Hyper-V infrastructure, Microsoft provides a number of tools that help system administrators to get the job done: RSAT, PowerShell, 5nine, WAC, and SCVMM. Find out from this video about the pros and cons of each Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC) management option and choose the best for you.

Webinar: Deploying FT VMware ESXi: strengthen & optimize IT infrastructure

Published: November 21, 2018

VMware environment allows you to run, connect, and manage many applications. But sooner or later the question arises of the need to guarantee data safety and constant applications availability. Find out from this video how to configure highly available (HA) and fault tolerant (FT) VMware environment with StarWind VSAN for vSphere deployment.