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Technical Paper: StarWind Virtual Tape Library – Best Practices

StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) eliminates the need for physical tape by emulating industry-standard tape hardware and keeping data on directly attached spinning disks as well as replicate and tier it to object storage arrays and cloud storage. VTL is designed for organizations that want to either scrap physical tapes completely or accelerate the backup process, add an extra level of protection and automate the DR process by offloading tapes to the cloud. Find out the best practices for setting up a StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) environment.

Technical Paper: StarWind Virtual SAN® Gentle Shutdown with PowerChute

Unexpected power outage can result in data loss, especially when write-back cache is in use. The combination of PowerChute and StarWind allows users to gently turn off the VMs, hosts and put the StarWind devices into maintenance mode. Thus, StarWind users get a helpful utility to prevent unexpected power outage and possible data loss. This technical paper provides detailed guidelines on applying StarWind Virtual SAN with PowerChute Network.

Technical Paper: StarWind Virtual SAN®
Backing up the StarWind Virtual SAN Environment:
Best Practice

To make the production system work with no downtime in case of disaster, backups come as a solution. With backups off-site or in the cloud, businesses become more stable as their mission-critical applications will keep working. To help customers balance cost, risk and simplicity, StarWind works seamlessly with different types of backup providers. It also offers StarWind VTL Appliance so that admins can achieve required tape backups and offload them to the cloud. This guide describes best practices for backing up the StarWind Virtual SAN environment.