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Technical Paper: StarWind Virtual SAN®
Configuring Access Control List (ACL) Rules

This guide has been written for experienced Windows Server users or system administrators. It provides detailed instructions on how to configure the ACL rules for the StarWind Virtual SAN provisioned iSCSI targets, which allows complying with security requirements or keeping targets separated in case multiple environments are served with the same storage based on the StarWind Virtual SAN server.

Technical Paper: StarWind Virtual Tape Library: Used with Veritas Backup Exec™

Backup process is an inevitable part of the disaster recovery plan in any company that complies with regulatory data archival and retention requirements. In traditional infrastructures, critical data is transported off-site using removable storage media such as magnetic tapes. In the virtualized infrastructures, backup is possible with the virtual tapes and specific backup software. This technical paper provides the detailed instructions on how to deploy StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL), the data storage virtualization technology that emulates industry-standard tape hardware, together with Veritas Backup Exec™ to manage and accelerate the backup process.

Technical Paper: StarWind Virtual SAN®
Backing up StarWind Virtual SAN Environment:
Best Practice

To make the production system work with no downtime in case of disaster, backups come as a solution. With backups off-site or in the cloud, businesses become more stable as their mission-critical applications will keep working. To help customers balance cost, risk and simplicity, StarWind works seamlessly with different types of backup providers. It also offers StarWind VTL Appliance so that admins can achieve required tape backups and offload them to the cloud. This guide describes best practices for backing up the StarWind Virtual SAN environment.

Technical Paper: StarWind Virtual SAN® Compute and Storage Separated 2-Node Scenario with VMware vSphere 6.5

VMware users have to choose between two options when selecting a shared storage - Compute and Storage separated solution is one of them. It makes the process of maintenance easier, increases the hardware usage efficiency, and allows to build the system accurately for solving the task. From this guide learn how to configure StarWind Virtual SAN Compute and Storage separated solution for vSphere deployment.

Technical Paper: StarWind Virtual SAN® Hyperconverged 2-Node Scenario with Hyper-V Server 2016

Windows Failover Cluster based on Hyper-V Server 2016 and StarWind Virtual SAN as a shared storage provider increases the availability of the applications running on it, as well as excludes the downtime during the maintenance. Learn from this guide how to deploy a 2-node hyperconverged Hyper-V cluster with StarWind Virtual SAN.