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The days when you could manage your IT infrastructure only from a directly connected device are long gone. System administrators need the ability to operate their IT environment 24/7 and from any location no matter where they are. Installing dedicated software every time you want to access your infrastructure from a remote location takes unnecessary time and effort and makes the process complicated. That’s where web-based management comes into play. All you need is just an internet connection and any device (PC or mobile), and you get the full functionality to manage your IT infrastructure from any point of the world.

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Problem of Anytime Access to the IT Infrastructure

Nowadays, it is vital to have access to the IT infrastructure from any location. This becomes extremely important for ROBOs where there is no specialized staff to constantly maintain and administrate the environment. Moreover, it becomes really challenging as IT administrators have to install dedicated software each time they need to access their storage infrastructure from a remote location or from another device. Additionally, such software is not always available for mobile devices, putting additional restrictions on accessing IT environment.


Web-based Management Solution

To make the daily routine of IT administrators easier, StarWind provides the functionality allowing you to manage your StarWind-based infrastructure from any web browser on PC or Android, iOS or Windows mobile device no matter where you are. Ultimately, you get StarWind Web Management Console with full access to your StarWind environment.

You can also remotely manage your StarWind infrastructure from a web browser.

StarWind Gateway VM approach allows you to easily deploy a Linux-based Gateway virtual machine from an OVF or VHDX template and further use it to access your StarWind infrastructure. All you need to do is simply install the Gateway VM, connect it to the target server, and you’ll get full control over the storage-related operations by entering the VM IP address in any web browser.

For configuring the Gateway VM, please follow this guide.


Get Peace of Mind with Web-based Management System from StarWind

To eliminate any restrictions on accessing your StarWind-based infrastructure and facilitate the everyday job of IT administrators, we provide functionality that allows you to manage such an infrastructure from any distant location. By simply deploying a Gateway VM or StarWind VSA and entering the VM IP address in a web browser, you, basically, get StarWind Web Management Console, which provides full control over your environment.


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