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StarWind is a pioneer of hyperconvergence and storage virtualization and the only all-flash hyperconvergence vendor on the market. We provide a unique blend of simplicity, performance, and affordability, yet with the ultimate in flexibility. Our focus is to help companies create sustainable and effective IT infrastructures with minimum effort.
StarWind has a solid core that has been with it ever since its foundation.

Executive team
Executive team

Anton Kolomyeytsev

CEO, CTO and Chief Architect

Anton Kolomyeytsev is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Architect at StarWind. Having started as a Windows kernel engineer and chief kernel architect, he created the iSCSI storage and SAN software products in 2003. Anton is responsible for driving the vision and business strategy for StarWind Software, in addition to owning all elements of technology. Previously, he held software development and engineering positions at Paragon Software, a storage software company, and worked with other software outsourcing companies across Europe and in the US. Anton has a degree in Engineering and Computer Science.

Art Berman

Chief Operating Officer

Art Berman is a successful serial entrepreneur who founded a number of companies in the technology industry. Mr. Berman brings more than a decade of experience in building and advising successful software companies. He has been managing worldwide sales and operations for StarWind since 2003. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Economics at the Moscow International Business Institute in 1997 and Executive MBA at the Edinburgh Business School - Heriott-Watt University in 2014.

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