StarWind FAQ


  • Both HA nodes and are shown as not synchronized. How can I fix this?
  • When I write the data to the target I`m not able to see it on other client machine which has the same disk connected. Why?
  • How can I change Heartbeat or Synchronization Channel IPs?
  • Why is StarWind not utilizing all the available bandwidth of the network channel?
  • Where can I get latest version of StarWind?
  • What cache is better to use, Write-Back or Write-Through? And what does expiry period mean?
  • What is heartbeat?
  • How to upgrade our HA to version 8.0 from version 6?
  • How can I extend the iSCSI volume on the client machine?
  • When I create an HA device in the Add Target wizard, there is the "Specify interfaces for synchronization and heartbeat channels" step. Why does the wizard automatically select all IPs located in the same subnetwork when I select only one that I need?
  • What is the best way to migrate StarWind HA to new hardware?
  • How can I change the cache settings?
  • What is the storage pool?
  • How can I change default storage pool path?

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