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Integrated Security, Safety and Video Management Solution. Bosch Security Systems and StarWind

Bosch VMS got Highly Available infrastructure, using StarWind Virtual SAN to build Microsoft Hyper-V Failover Cluster. Moreover, Bosch achieved redundancy and fault-tolerance of the security system with lowered power consumption and reduced implementation operational and capital expenses.

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EC2 IT enjoys benefits of a reliable inexpensive virtual shared storage with StarWind Virtual SAN

EC2 IT enjoys benefits of a reliable inexpensive virtual shared storage with StarWind Virtual SAN

EC2 IT has been searching for a reliable and inexpensive shared storage solution. They faced the problem of high costs of purchasing and maintaining a SAN. They found the StarWind Virtual SAN solution the most appealing as it was inexpensive and provided high performance and features like live migration and high availability in VMware.

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Tetraedro expands its storage tiers easily and cost-efficiently with StarWind Virtual SAN

Tetraedro expands its storage tiers easily and cost-efficiently with StarWind Virtual SAN

Tetraedro hosting company has been searching for a highly available SAN with flexible storage options. It chose StarWind Virtual SAN which allowed growing several storage tiers independently, with no downtime and at predictable price and managed to meet its growing IT infrastructure needs.

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Safe Harbour Informatics achieves fault tolerance with StarWind

Safe Harbour Informatics achieves fault tolerance with StarWind

Safe Harbour Informatics needed fault tolerance for their mission-critical application servers. The company achieved it, together with unexpectedly high performance, by installing StarWind Virtual SAN.

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Inspired vLabs simplifies operation and saves money with StarWind Virtual SAN

Inspired vLabs simplifies operation and saves money with StarWind Virtual SAN

The success story tells about Inspired vLabs, which installed StarWind Virtual SAN as a Windows-based virtual storage software to simplify virtual lab deployment and improve resources utilization.

Success Story

Tudor Rose Management deploys an efficient StarWind-based converged IT infrastructure to meet growing workload demands

Tudor Rose Management deploys an efficient StarWind-based converged IT infrastructure to meet growing workload demands

StarWind reseller and a leading IT services provider System 15 introduced StarWind Virtual SAN to a global export management company Tudor Rose to build an efficient and easily scalable IT infrastructure.

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StarWind Virtual SAN ensures business continuity for Coram Showers

StarWind Virtual SAN has done us well and I would certainly recommend it in my future career

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StarWind Virtual SAN® Helped to Maximize Value, Bringing in the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership and Highest ROI over a 5 to 10 Years Period.

This setup has been bullet-proof for the last 18 months and the performance was for the most part better than expected. We have been very impressed with Starwind Software and have deployed it in a variety of similar configurations successfully since this project.

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Alliance Engineering of Oregon saved on storage hardware by creating a virtualshared storage for HA ESXi deployment with StarWind Virtual SAN

StarWind seemed the easiest and most straight-forward system to implement without tight storage limits for entry-level systems. We plan on continuing to host the ESXi servers datastores using StarWind Virtual SAN.

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Department of Physics in the University of Oxford decreased the price of storage expansion with StarWind VSAN

We chose StarWind mainly because of the cost compared to other vendors. Simplicity of setup was also a major factor and I like the fact that you don’t need a vendor certified engineer to perform the installation.

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Netcore deployed high-performance and cost-efficient hyper-converged infrastructure with StarWind Virtual SAN

The deployment provided increased performance with reduced costs and the same ease of management. We used to focus on stability and now we will give full attention to. We will definitely consider StarWind for future deployments, especially because of low hardware requirements and flexible configuration.

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Successful Implementation of StarWind’s Virtual SAN in University Advancement Makes it the Standard for Future Clustering Projects

The simplicity, reliability and performance are unmatched, especially when you consider that the pricing comes in less than the competitors...

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Sears Home and Franchise Business chooses StarWind HCA

It has got excellent performance, meet all requirements. StarWind is willing to work with its customers.

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StarWind Helps Hosting Provider to Overcome Single Point of Failure in Hyper-V Environment

We have tried different storage system solutions to obtain data synchronization and redundancy, but most of them didn't provide the real-time synching that we required. Then we tested StarWind, and even tried to "sabotage" it but it just kept working! StarWind meets all our needs and has taken a prominent place in our IT environment.

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StarWind Helps Hosting Provider to Overcome Single Point of Failure in Hyper-V Environment

Since we implemented StarWind iSCSI SAN, we have found it easy to deploy, update, and maintain a service that is highly available from end to end. We know that we are protected against unexpected failures, and that StarWind support is there for us if any difficulties arise.

Success Story


Exakis gets high availability in Azure with StarWind Virtual SAN

StarWind VSAN covers the customers need in terms of storage based cluster high availability in Azure.

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StarWind Virtual SAN brings mirrored servers configuration for BBK B.V. up-to-date

StarWind worked well since it went into production and the whole configuration leaves room for the planned future expansion and adjustments

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Accelerating Virtual SAN Storage with Mellanox End-to-End Networking Solution

StarWind Virtual SAN software coupled with Mellanox Ethernet-based high speed end-toend infrastructure accelerates storage solution networking connectivity and lowers overall power consumption.

Success Story


The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Achieves High Data Availability and Optimizes IT Expenses with StarWind iSCSI SAN

We were amazed at how easy the setup process was. In no time we had two StarWind servers clustered together providing highly available storage. Downtime is now a thing of the past.

Success Story


Tectura Corporation

StarWind’s solution has simplified my life considerably… I can’t stress enough just how simple it is and how quickly...

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StarWind Becomes the Heart of Cloud Service Infrastructure for its Reliability, Availability, and Resilience

Because of my investment in StarWind’s fantastic HA solution and Microsoft Hyper-V clustering & Live Migration, it was possible to physically move my servers from one datacenter to another without any interruption of service and without risking data.

Success Story


Reseaunance Chose StarWind Virtual SAN Software for its Shared Storage

With the StarWind solution, Reseaunance obtained reliable SAN with advanced features. The StarWind storage solution offered security for our data. It can be scaled according to the company’s storage needs with promised zero...

Success Story


Rolltooling Provider picks the best solution for High Availability and Business Continuity: StarWind Virtual SAN

The product demonstrated outstanding results... Now, we can definitely say that StarWind Virtual SAN is the investment that pays back.

Success Story


Baker Tilly BVI Gained High Reliability with StarWInd Virtual SAN®

When we were faced with replacing our SAN which we had outgrown, we had several choices. We could have purchased another SAN with more capacity from the vendor. Instead, we decided to use StarWind. For lower cost, we were able to achieve greater capability, more capacity, and redundancy.

Success Story


Anchor Brewing Implements StarWind as a Storage Solution for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

The stability has never been an issue, not even a single hiccup. This is a product I would highly recommend especially in the SMB market where budgets are always tighter and utilizing hardware for multiple purposes makes the management very happy.

Success Story


Creating a High Availability Shared Storage in the Hyper-V Virtual Environment

First minutes of running this software revealed one of its major benefits: it installed not inside virtual machine but on top of Hyper-V itself in “parent partition” where primary Windows operating environment executes...

Success Story


Chapel Hill Chooses Starwind Virtual SAN Software for Shared Storage

StarWind’s solution was super simple to set up and the performance is excellent.

Success Story


Prior Pursglove College

The whole process from evaluating the product and discussions with StarWind technical staff to final purchase was straightforward, helpful and in no way did I ever feel forced to purchasing the product...

Success Story


Proxen law firm chooses StarWind Enterprise HA and Veeam Backup 3.0

Combining StarWind and Veeam is one of the best IT solutions that we have seen in years. We got affordable networked storage, increased application and data availability, protected our VMware infrastructure and were able to do all this for less than 25% of what we initially...

Success Story


Oklahoma University

We have to make all IT decisions on a limited budget and StarWind made that easy.

Success Story


Macro Systems chooses StarWind for expandable VMware shared storage

StarWind's solution is simple, scalable and reliable. I love how it works with VMware and really important for me...

Success Story


Lawrence Academy chooses Starwind iSCSI SAN Software for shared storage

Since I installed the StarWind Server, I haven't touched it...

Success Story


StarWind provides Poquoson City Public Schools with new StarWind iSCSI SAN

With the help of StarWind, we created a solution that went from the one basket one handle ESXi VM solution (one VM Host, one SAN), to a fully redundant Windows Hyper-V Cluster with fully redundant StarWind iSCSI SAN's...

Success Story


MTB Bank chooses StarWind iSCSI SAN over Fibre Channel

With StarWind we were able to have a powerful SAN with disaster recovery features and all this at a truly affordable price. It was the best choice for us.

Success Story


Veeam gets Shared storage for VMware with Disaster Recovery Features

All we did was download StarWind, installed it on a Dell server and we had a SAN for VMware in less than half an...

Success Story


CMS Internet chooses StarWind SAN Software over EMC Clariion iSCSI SAN

There were four reasons that we chose StarWind iSCSI SAN software instead of EMC Clariion iSCSI SAN: best price we found, flexibility of using software to build our own SAN, ability to separate network from storage, and superb level of support that we got.

Success Story


StarWind iSCSI SAN Frees Semel Institute from Failures and Downtime and Saves Its Budget

With StarWind, cost savings evolve in various forms, including hardware, space, energy, and administration efficiency.

Success Story


LocalTel Communications Deployed StarWind as Its Primary Storage to Obtain Necessary Level of Redundancy and Reliability

We strongly recommend StarWind solution. Since our initial deployment our storage needs have grown and the product has successfully grown with us...

Success Story


With StarWind Virtual SAN® on Board Harpeth Hall School Enjoys Increased Processing Rate and Saves Budget.

One day I was talking to VEEAM support and they saw my processing rate was around 300 MB to a small 5 disk QNAP NAS. They said my storage speed on my host was really very good. Better than most numbers they usually see.

Success Story


StarWind Virtual SAN® provides high availability for scientific data in AIDA (Aerosol Interaction and Dynamics in the Atmosphere) facility

In long-term research, high availability of scientific data is crucial, especially when it comes to world-class facilities, like AIDA. StarWind proved to be effective in that...

Success Story


I have been using StarWind in a lab environment to test Server clustering, and it worked fine. Especially it has a very easy interface.

Ahmed Mubarak,
Service Desk Analyst, PepsiCo Inc.


I teach VMware vSphere classes and we run everything virtual for when students are doing hands-on labs. We needed a virtual SAN that supported VAAI hardware acceleration, could specify LUN id and if possible would let us accelerate...

Rasmus Haslund,
Consultant&Instructor Arrow ECS Denmark


We deploy VTL functionality of StarWind Virtual SAN for our customers’ Backup Projects. The solution ideally complements System Center DPM and fulfills our and our customers' requirements in full.

Markus Erlacher, CEO, itnetX AG


Due to a sudden shutting down of Tiger Cloud, a Linux-based iSCSi storage provider used by one of our clients as a virtualization solution vendor, we were asked to look for an urgent replacement. As a result, we have ended up with StarWind Virtual SAN...

Jean Souza, Managing Partner, SNAMP LLC


Two years ago we searched for a solution for the shared volume. We compared hardware and software solutions, and “StarWind Virtual SAN” was one of the options. We tried free version for a technological demo, and then tried trial...

Pavel Krátký,
Ekonomické informační systémy s.r.o.


One of our customers, a rapidly growing provider of wireless internet services, who couldn't afford the expensive traditional iSCSI Storage Arrays, found a better way to achieve the same solid IT infrastructure with high availability and redundancy...

Gerry Wisnoski, Owner and Consultant, Clearlight Information Systems Ltd.


Thanks to the StarWind Virtual SAN software I have been able to set up a Microsoft Failover Cluster, hosting Print Services, in 2 geographically separate locations connected via MPLS...

Josh Wolfe,
IT Administrator, Tandia.


StarWind approach is truly winning. StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V is easily configured, provides high performance, and eliminates a single point of failure. You also do not need any external fault-tolerant storage which minimizes the cost of deployment.

Anton Zatsepin,
Chief Executive Officer, UA.Capitals.Ltd


We deploy StarWind in 2 hospitals together with Hyper- V. Thus, each facility has 2 servers with internal hard disks, Windows 2012R2, 10 Gigabit network connection for a cluster and StarWind...

Marc Moennikes,
IT Specialist, KKRN GmbH


For most beer drinkers Anchor Steam Beer is a household name and a well-loved beer that has been handed down through generations. This San Francisco based company recently upgraded their entire IT infrastructure with a VMware VDI...

Daniel Covell, Founder and President,
The Covell Group LLC


The company I work for, a small real estate software firm, was looking for its first SAN solution. We wanted to add storage to our Oracle Databases and enable the advanced features of our VMWare Essentials Plus package...

Dave Jamison,
IT Manager, Solid Earth, Inc.


StarWind iSCSI is a perfect solution for businesses who want to start using virtualization, but don’t have a huge budget to prove the benefits of using VMWare. I have been able to implement this solution for many small and medium size...

Charles Harris,
Enterprise Architect, Solutia Inc.


We help perform DR recoveries and testing for our clients. As such, we need to run several different types and versions of backup software to access our tape libraries. With ESX3.5, this was available using SCSI pass-through to connect...

Ed Goad,
Sr. Systems Engineer, WTS, Inc


With the free StarWind iSCSI SAN with Deduplication software, I salvaged bunch of old servers to be used as SAN storage devices. I then build a complete test platform to emulate my production environment...

Ed Liao, Network Administrator,
CA State University Dominguez Hills


After virtualizing >80% of our datacenter, we realized we need fast, reliable and (above all else) centralized storage. Having just virtualized so much, we had plenty of server hardware, but not enough NAS...

Nathan Lowe,
IT Systems Analyst,
Professional Contract Services, Inc


We currently run 14 ESX Servers. We run databases on these machines. We started using your RAMDISK to speed up databases and it works great. I know this isn’t geared towards VMWARE, but we use it in a VMWARE environment and it works great...

Harvey Etter, Sr. Systems Administrator,
PNY Technologies, Inc.


I am new to VMware as of February 2011 and yet I have been working very hard to come up to speed, even having obtained my VCP4 as of June 2011. Interestingly, my success story is most likely a little different than others you might receive...

Kevin Levine,
Escalation Engineer, VCE


Just thought I would share a brief story about the free iscsi san software that starwind has. I work at a large international legal firm and we have been using expensive EMC fiber channel storage devices for years...

Robert Pfannkuche, Winston & Strawn LLP


We have been using StarWind Virtual SAN for many years now and are very satisfied with the product. We deploy StarWind as a storage for Windows Cluster System, up to the present moment - 100% reliability. 100% satisfied.

Gregor Langer, Network Administrator,
IM|S Intelligent Media Systems AG


I am a person who always looks for new solutions, so, having come across StarWind Virtual SAN, I decided to give it a try. Thus, my company can boast of having a very reliable datacenter, which is crucial for businesses like mine, which specialize in security alarm systems.

Grzegorz Magierski, Owner, Electronix Box

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