Enterprise Storage Appliance

Codename: Fractal SAN
Infinite scalability, thanks to the industry-proven Ceph back-end. Power and cost efficiency brought by the ARM-based storage architecture. Ultimate resiliency to multiple failures ensured by erasure coding, and automatic data rebalancing technologies, and a constantly high level of performance provided by industry-leading StarWind Virtual SAN as a front-end.

The modern world of technologies develops extremely fast, and companies need to store more and more data every day. The problem is that existing storage solutions are designed to provide great scalability or high performance, but they rarely can satisfy both. On the other hand, those proprietary platforms that manage to combine both benefits usually come with a price that is way too high. What enterprise storage market needs is a solution that scales easily and delivers ultimate performance and resiliency while being “smart” in terms of power and cost efficiency.

Value proposition

For enterprise customers who need to store large amounts of data, our solution is StarWind Fractal SAN. It effectively solves storage scaling problems and delivers linear scalability beyond petabytes by utilizing a Ceph cluster running on hundreds of independent ARM-based storage bricks.

StarWind Fractal SAN ensures that the storage infrastructure maintains the ultimate level of performance by bringing in the power of industry-leading StarWind Virtual SAN and its server-side caching, log structuring, and deduplication technologies.

Our Enterprise Storage Appliance ensures the always-on business operation by providing unprecedented resiliency to multiple simultaneous component failures by means of using erasure coding, automatic data rebalancing, and other innovative storage technologies.

With our extremely “green” storage platform based on low-power and cost-efficient ARM hardware, enterprises can greatly reduce their expenses on maintaining and scaling their storage infrastructure.


Let’s start with a fact that StarWind Fractal SAN cost is significantly lower than the price of typical competitors’ solutions. We achieve this by bringing in totally different hardware platform for our back-end – something that nobody else does. Instead of utilizing commodity servers, we introduce unique ARM-based storage architecture making our product extremely cost-efficient.

The performance of StarWind Fractal SAN is at the same level with those of competitors, to say the least, or even higher, thanks to server-side caching, log structuring, and 4K in-line & variable block offline deduplication. By the way, think why others can’t replicate the similar setup without StarWind... Because they don’t have one!

Of course, StarWind Fractal SAN does all those things such as deduplication and compression, snapshots and automated storage tiering, log structuring, asynchronous replication, and all that jazz.

Item Name | StarWind
24 Bay “Storage Node” Shelf
48 Port 1 GbE Switch
StarWind ”Controller Node”
(768 GB RAM + 8 TB SSD + 3.2 TB NVMe)
ARM-based “Storage Node” Blade
10 TB 3.5” SMR HDD
±0.29 $/GB (0.146 @ 2x compression)
0.3 $/IOPS (~1M IOPS Max.)
21U Rack Footprint
Item Name | Other known solution
C7000 Base Storage Array
21 x 6 TB HDD for Base Head
3 x 3840 GB SSD for Base Head
126 TB RAW Hybrid Expansion Shelf
Dual 10GbE Optical Module
±2.6 $/GB (1.3 @ 2x compression)
±8.3 $/IOPS (230K IOPS Max.)
32U Rack Footprint

StarWind Fractal SAN brings the concept of the enterprise storage to an entirely different level. We deliver the first-of-its-kind extremely “green” storage solution built on unique technologies starting from the power-efficient and inexpensive ARM-based hardware and up to industry-proven Ceph back-end as a guarantee of its scalability. Powered by StarWind, our Enterprise Storage Appliance becomes a perfect fit for large data centers and enterprises.

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