Equipment Financing

For SMB and ROBO companies who are looking to build a virtualization infrastructure but are bounded with limited Capital Expenses and IT team resources, StarWind offers the Equipment Financing plan. You don’t have to go for all or nothing since you can start using StarWind HyperConverged Appliance (HCA) from the day one with a convenient zero-down payment plan.

CAPEX limitations

Pay nothing upfront. You can start using StarWind HCA today with no money down since the whole price of the product is broken down into the OPEX.

Lack of flexible payment plans

Plan your IT infrastructure budget simply and conveniently due to a flexible payment model that can be tied to your revenue movements and a pre-calculated price-list.

Limited IT team resources

Spend zero efforts on configuration, migration, and integration since all job is done by StarWind engineers. Moreover, spend no time on environment monitoring since StarWind ProActive Support is included by default and monitors your infrastructure vital stats 24/7/365 to prevent issues.

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