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StarWind is a pioneer of hyperconvergence and storage virtualization and the only all-flash hyperconvergence vendor on the market. We provide a unique blend of simplicity, performance, and affordability, yet with the ultimate in flexibility. Our focus is to help companies create sustainable and effective IT infrastructures with minimum effort.

We believe that quality should preside over quantity when it comes to building infrastructures. Our solutions provide businesses with the ability to use only those IT resources that are truly necessary and to make the most out of them in an efficient and performant manner.

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We design our solutions around the core fundamentals of simplicity, performance, and full-features at low cost. StarWind is recognized by analysts and customers worldwide as a true leader in the virtualization marketplace. We bring enterprise-grade at accessible rates to everyone.

Being a leader in low-entry hyper-converged appliances, StarWind also offers software-only or storage appliance variants of its product, therefore being able to adapt to any organization's data center, be that entry-level or large enterprise — we're there for you every step of the way.

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Facts about StarWind company

StarWind released its product called Native SAN (later rebranded to Virtual SAN) as far back as 2011, and VMware followed with their own Virtual SAN solving the same issue and using pretty much the same architecture only in 2014. Later, in 2015, StarWind executed a successful "pivot shift" from a software-only company to becoming a hardware vendor and brought Enterprise-level Hyperconvergence to SMB and ROBO. The new HyperConverged Appliance allows the company to tap into the “long tail” of the hyperconvergence market, thanks to its simplicity and cost-efficiency.

StarWind reinforced its position in the market by releasing two more hardware products in 2016: Backup Appliance and Storage Appliance. Both products are storage platforms targeting two different scenarios. StarWind Backup Appliance is purpose-built for backup and Disaster Recovery, having high capacity with enough compute power for the role. StarWind Storage Appliance is a high-performance platform, fitting the role of primary storage, capable of taking on virtually any workload of Small and Medium Businesses and even smaller Enterprises.

In 2016, StarWind incorporated all the latest technologies into the appliances, in order to keep them up to date. The company was the first to incorporate a high-end HDD-sized cloud gateway into its hardware products. Such a built-in component allows the user to utilize public cloud, like Microsoft Azure or AWS, as an extra storage tier. Also, StarWind Virtual SAN and, consequently, all StarWind hardware-based products are now compatible with "future storage technologies", like RDMA-capable iSER, SMB Direct protocols, and the ultra-performing NVMe over Fabrics.


StarWind included as Niche Player for the third consecutive time in 2020 Magic Quadrant for HCI

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