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StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) is a “software replaces hardware” for SAN, application that eliminates a requirement in a physical shared storage. It’s a major costs saver and labor reducer! StarWind VSAN is a remedy for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who are struggling with IT budget cuts and staffing shortages. We’re serving our customers since 2009, and our product is trusted by 63,800+ businesses.

Uber® for IT storage

StarWind Virtual SAN is an Uber® for IT storage. We do exactly what Uber® does! We provide you with a best service, we reuse existing hardware without the need of investing into new infrastructure, and we aren’t breaking the bank.

StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) Free. You can take immediate advantage of the hyperconvergence, the same data center technology that fuels the growth of thousands of Enterprises over the globe. Yes, you can ride for free! If you’re happy with the fact that there are certain functionality limitations or even no limitations when it comes to the Linux version... as long as you’re fine doing everything in a self-supported mode. We encourage you to give VSAN Free a try!

Please follow the link to figure out everything about terms and conditions, full feature set, limitations, and support restrictions applied to the free version.

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Check out the detailed comparison between free and commercial versions of StarWind VSAN.

Learn about the essential features present in both versions, the difference in advanced functionality and certain support restrictions applied to the free version.

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Use case

Virtual machine storage

Virtual machines (VMs) need shared storage. While there’s a definite possibility that you could avoid it in your production by running VMs directly from the local disks, nobody is really going to benefit from this.

See, the whole bunch of the advanced virtualization features like fault tolerance (FT), high availability (HA), and distributed resource scheduling (DRS) won’t be available to you without it. By not using shared storage you’ll be stealing from yourself and leaving money on the table.

Historically, it was SAN, providing shared storage to multiple hypervisor hosts. Times had changed, however. StarWind Virtual SAN is the “software replaces hardware” for SAN. Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of having a SAN, but without any drawbacks of actually owning one. Costs and complexity are all gone!

Virtual machine storage


ZFS self-healing, AI-powered telemetry, and “call home” systems provide maximum reliability without customer intervention.
High Availability
StarWind offers the Enterprise-level high availability (HA), deployed and easily configured in a few minutes.
“Screaming” Performance
StarWind unlocks hardware potential. Minimum overhead means maximum performance.

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Srinivas Kouda
Company Representative
We are satisfied with StarWind. The support is really fantastic. Whenever any issue arises, the response is very prompt, and solution is immediate.
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John Oates
Infrastructure Manager
StarWind is robust, willing to work with us and had faster response than other companies.
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Vass Sandor
IT Infrastructure Leader
We were able to build 2-node storage clusters based on virtualization in 19 hypermarkets without any problems and with high cost-efficiency.
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Craig Prosser
Head of IT Infrastructure
StarWind technology provides a highly available storage cluster with minimal server requirements..
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The Bosch Security Systems
Company Representative
StarWind was used to provide redundancy on just 2 nodes, reduce the overall cost of high availability infrastructure, lower power consumption, and build a Hyper-V failover cluster without a hardware SAN.
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David Gardner
Information Systems Manager
By being able to virtualize our environment with StarWind, we were able to retire some old hardware, get our services highly available, reduce power consumption and heat in our server closet.
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Ryan Fulton
Company’s Representative
StarWind got us off the clustered environment, which was a big help. So, I could regain control of my storage and reclaim and redistribute the space we desperately needed.
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John Harris
Windows System Administrator
We chose StarWind Mainly because of the cost compared to other vendors. Simplicity of setup was also a major factor and I like the fact that you don’t need a vendor certified engineer to perform ...
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Željko Medić
Director of IT Department
Because of recommendations of older colleagues, with StarWind, we got a reliable storage with no additional hardware.
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Joe Gursky
Director of IT
StarWind is the best storage product I have ever used! It satisfies and exceeds requirements.
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Ciprian Visa
Company’s Representative
StarWind improved troubleshooting, the way of control and support.
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Jim Crawford
Data Center Manager
StarWind is an outstanding solution that drastically increased our cloud availability and improved disk I/O.
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