Infrastructure Upgrade:
Is It Time to Replace Piles
of Outdated Hardware?

Hyperconvergence from StarWind

Hyperconvergence representing a new generation of server systems has already become a household name in the IT world despite its relatively young age. Hyperconverged architectures began their steady development in the early 2010s when the idea of abandoning separate specialized equipment and combining compute, storage, and networking functions through special virtualization software triggered a real revolution in the IT world. Today, you can customize your own or choose pre-built hyper-converged appliances, which now take the same revolutionary idea of transferring fault tolerance and high-performance functions from hardware to software a few steps further.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Outdated Hardware

In order to take advantage of hyperconverged solutions successfully, you need to keep them up-to-date. The refresh cycles for hyperconverged systems are 3-5 years. This means that to keep your IT infrastructure updated, you have to upgrade the relevant hardware! However, mixing and matching different infrastructure components can prove to be quite a challenge. Daily responsibilities, budgetary constraints, lack of necessary knowledge and time can hinder successful and timely infrastructure upgrades. Nonetheless, there is a way out of those pains: StarWind All-Flash HyperConverged Appliance (HCA). The solution allows you to deploy a completely pre-configured infrastructure that has been fine-tuned to your personal requirements. One small two-node box to replace an array of your outdated hardware elements.


HCI Hardware Upgrade:
Get the Best Balance
of Features
and Performance

The process of refreshing your infrastructure hardware entails improved productivity, increased security, and reduced downtime. Updated hardware will always be faster and more productive than non-updated. The process of updating and hardware replacement is equally important for both converged and hyperconverged solutions. Only by performing an update of your outdated hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), you can feel confident in the runaway hyperloop of enhancing the speed of your processors and memory as well as increasing the speed and capacity of your storage. Storage devices and servers are two vital components of the successful deployment of hyperconverged solutions from StarWind. To maintain your HCI viability and high performance, you have to keep track of its components' lifecycle and health.


Server Refresh
Benefits from

To keep up the pace with the growth of computing power, you can take a step towards mass hardware refresh. Or you can buy additional compute and storage nodes that are expensive and over-provisioned. However, at this stage, the combination of only two servers and flash/memory caching can replace the configuration of six servers and magnetic disks of the recent past. StarWind goes beyond that by offering StarWind All-Flash HCA, a 100% software-defined hyperconverged platform that meets even the heaviest production demands. With StarWind HCA, you receive server, storage, and software in a two-node pre-configured box. Constant uptime is ensured thanks to synchronous failover clustering between on-premises storage and public cloud and the ability of a 2-node system to withstand 1-node-plus-1-disk failure.


Storage Refresh
Benefits from

When it comes to storage upgrade, the question of financial resources arises immediately. Replacing all HDDs and SSDs may turn out to be a questionable investment. StarWind HCA comes with the out-of-the-box StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) solution included by default. It completely eliminates any need in physical shared storage, delivering performance and reliability by using commercial off-the-shelf hardware. With StarWind VSAN, storage environment upgrading takes place with no hidden licensing. It removes the need to buy additional hardware and cuts Operational and Capital Expenditures in half.


StarWind ProActive
Premium Support

StarWind ProActive Premium Support is banded with StarWind HCA. StarWind ProActive Premium Support monitors your StarWind-based environment 24/7/365 using machine learning to spot any abnormal behavior. Once it detects something out of the ordinary, it automatically alerts StarWind engineers who then deal with the abnormality before it causes an issue. You need to spend exactly zero of your time on troubleshooting because everything is done by a dedicated StarWind engineering team at no additional cost. StarWind performs the configuration, migration, and integration in your stead, and ProActive Premium Support ensures that you can sleep tight knowing your environment is observed and cared for round the clock.

Replace Your Outdated
Appliances with

StarWind HCA is a completely pre-built and pre-configured hyper-converged platform designed to fully meet the client’s needs. Just a single appliance combines three paramount components at once: compute, storage, and virtualization. By replacing obsolete hyperconverged appliances or other major elements of your outdated hardware infrastructure with StarWind All-Flash HCA, you will achieve high rates of cost-efficiency and get simplified management of consolidated workloads, improved performance, and flexible scalability.

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