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VTL Appliance (VTLA)

The VTL Appliance from StarWind, the only all-flash hyperconvergence vendor, helps organizations to protect their data, eliminate labor-intensive tape backup processes along with meeting regulatory data retention requirements using on-premises Virtual Tape Libraries with flexible multi-cloud and object storage tiering.

Rest assured knowing that your most important data is protected from ransomware air-gapped on virtual tapes in multiple locations. Automatically replicate and tier offsite to AWS, Azure, Backblaze, or another cloud for maximum cost-efficiency and security. Simplify storage management by scaling on-premises capacity with a selection of certified industry-standard object storage solutions.

Don’t overthink —

Automated LTO P2V Conversion

Terrified by the thought of moving LTO archives to the cloud?

But what if we could automate this process for you?

For those looking to migrate existing digital assets and simplify data management, we’re offering to automatically virtualize any existing LTO Archives while preserving the original archive access method, structure, and barcodes.

If you’re looking to migrate your existing digital assets from LTO to disk or cloud storage, we do have a solution for that. We can automatically migrate all the existing LTO archives to our VTL appliance as well as any cloud or object storage, all while preserving the existing barcodes and archive structures. Once data is migrated, your applications will access it the same way as before.


Partner Certified Solutions

Why use StarWind VTLA with Veeam Availability Suite?

Flexible cloud storage tiering

By Integrating StarWind VTLA with the Veeam Availability suite, you get the power of granular data management between on-premises and cloud storage tiers of your choice. Keep important data always at hand in the hot cloud storage of your choice. Shrink archival costs by automatically de-staging infrequently accessed data to the most inexpensive cold storage tiers. Simplify data retention with automatic removal of the old archives.

Backblaze B2 support

StarWind VTL is the only Veeam-compatible backup storage solution that transparently tiers your on-premises backup storage to Backblaze B2. StarWind VTLA automates the management of your data assets between on-premises and Backblaze B2 – “always-hot” cost-efficient public cloud storage. Enjoy close-to-zero time to the first byte allowing you to keep data offsite, yet always accessible.

Multi-cloud support

No cloud offers 100% uptime and protection. Expand your backup infrastructure functionality with StarWind VTLA – the only Veeam-ready backup storage on the market that can transparently replicate data between different cloud solutions for better cost-efficiency. With StarWind you can configure any data retention policy you need! Avoid cloud storage vendor lock-ins.

StarWind VTLA Features

StarWind gets praise for its solution's high level of customization in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for HCI

  • Object Storage Support

    StarWind VTL dramatically simplifies storage management for organizations by interconnecting isolated storage silos like mainframe backup storage or legacy IBM backup storage. VTLA seamlessly integrates any industry-standard object storage arrays to expand the local storage pools. This way VTL unifies storage management and automates the organization’s data flow between primary backup storage, on-premises object storage, and public cloud storage.
  • Cloud Storage Support

    StarWind VTL transparently extends existing on-premises backup storage pools to Azure, AWS or other public cloud storage services. This serves two purposes. First, organizations can transparently scale up storage capacity without purchasing any extra hardware. Second, public cloud storage offers the most appealing $/GB rate for long-term data archival.
  • Fibre Channel Support

    Mainframe systems and legacy infrastructures require modernized backup storage. StarWind makes mainframe backups easy by providing customers who have an IBM mainframe investment with an FC attached Virtual Tape Library. This simplifies mainframe data protection and shrinks archival costs by moving away from tape towards either organization's FC storage or cloud storage without having to rebuild the existing infrastructure from scratch.

StarWind gets praise for its solution's high level of customization in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for HCI

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