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StarWind Deduplication Analyzer

As the amount of data in every IT environment is growing every day, data deduplication becomes a vital technology allowing to effectively eliminate redundant data copies and reduce storage overhead. In-line or offline deduplication may deliver different results depending on the environment where it is implemented. To help users evaluate the benefits of data deduplication in their particular environment in a fast and simple manner, StarWind offers its Free Deduplication Analyzer tool. StarWind Deduplication Analyzer estimates how the amount of disk space consumed will be reduced after data deduplication without the need of moving terabytes of data or ordering test hardware, making the sizing process as simple as possible. The Analyzer allows the user to find out compression ratios for particular VMs, determining the best candidates for data deduplication.


Typical solutions for deduplication analysis often require migrating the data to dedupe-enabled storage or ordering dedicated evaluation kits to estimate the deduplication ratio, making the process time-consuming and complicated.
StarWind Deduplication Analyzer makes this without the need to move large amounts of data, taking up minimal time to estimate deduplication results and requiring no efforts from users.


StarWind Deduplication Analyzer is designed to show optimization ratios for StarWind 4K in-line deduplication. Actual deduplication ratios may be different if another storage solution is used for deduplication.



StarWind Deduplication Analyzer works directly in your environment and doesn’t require moving your data or ordering evaluation kits. It takes up minimal time for evaluating the space savings you will get with data deduplication.

Infrastructure Sizing Precision

StarWind Deduplication Analyzer allows obtaining exact information on your data deduplication ratios for specific VMs and data volumes. The ability to precisely predict storage requirements allows you to effectively plan your infrastructure.


StarWind Deduplication Analyzer is extra simple to work with. It installs as a utility into any system requiring no training or specialized knowledge to use it. Just point it at the data you want to examine and it will give you the detailed information.

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