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Looking for more performance and capacity for your fixed compute? Or looking for a single solution that has it all: compute, storage, network, and software? You name it, StarWind has it all! Forget about hardware compatibility lists, socket-derived licensing, or scaling problems. With hardware configurations and hyperconvergence from StarWind, you will easily satisfy the technical “cravings” of your infrastructure and save good money, too.

HCI Appliance (HCA)

The true turnkey hyperconvergence platform that combines compute, networking, storage, and software in a small two-node footprint. StarWind HCA brings an impeccable blend of 99.9999% uptime, solid fault tolerance, and №1 support in the industry.

  • Allows eliminating the need to buy expensive proprietary physical storage
  • Scale flexibly up and out as there are no hardware compatibility lists
  • Includes ProActive support that monitors your HCI 24/7/365, preventing any issues

StarWind HCA enables to dramatically decrease TCO while increasing ROI and building a solid, sustainable, and ultra-fast hyperconverged infrastructure ready for any production and disaster intensity.

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Backup Appliance

The novel backup solution from StarWind removes the storage performance bottleneck completely as well as the necessity to plan and fit into backup windows, all while enabling customers with a production-level functioning backup infrastructure.

  • All-NVMe backup solution that provides unprecedentedly fast RPO and RTO
  • Combines the best commodity hardware, a hypervisor of your choice, and a StarWind SDS engine
  • Improves ecological footprint by consuming less power, generating less heat, and requiring less cooling

StarWind Backup Appliance has been carefully crafted for SMB, Enterprise ROBO & Edge that seek to simplify their backup processes, shrink their backup window, and enjoy ultra-fast RTPO by investing in a backup solution that will have their back for many years to come and also have great cost-efficiency.

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VTL Appliance

All-in-one solution to liberate from legacy LTOs labor-consuming and expensive processes. StarWind VTL Appliance converts physical tapes to virtual tapes to speed up backup process and avoid backup-production time overlap while offering multi-cloud and object storage tiering.

  • Keeps important data at hand in the hot cloud of your choice
  • Automatically destages rarely accessed data to the most inexpensive cold storage
  • Provides a powerful physical storage base mixed with multi-cloud

StarWind VTL Appliance meets regulatory requirements while keeping data flexibly tiered for different purposes, significantly decreasing backup costs while keeping performance always at an all-time high.

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HCA for Video Surveillance

Certified by worldwide-leading VMS vendors, StarWind HCA for Video Surveillance is a hyperconverged platform combining storage, compute, networking, backup, and unified management. It designed to help Integrators offering solutions in the security space offer their clients maximum uptime and performance for their VMS and analytics applications using as little hardware as possible.

  • Deliver the solution faster as StarWind will help you size, build, and deliver the solution worldwide with our dedicated team of experts
  • Forget about vendors finger-pointing when you're in dire need for support. StarWind will be your single support umbrella with sub hour SLAs 24/7/365
  • Pick one of our 22 pre-sized configurations or build one that's tailored just for you with our team

StarWind HCA for Video Surveillance dramatically simplifies delivering fault tolerant security solutions for the Edge and mission-critical deployments.

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Legacy Products

As technology evolves, some classics never fade. Explore our legacy hardware here.

Storage Appliance

StarWind Storage Appliance is more than physical storage. The solution functions as a universal namespace for all industry-standard uplink protocols while providing for easy scaling and cost-effective infrastructure enhancement.

  • Offers a powerful boost to your computing both in capacity and performance
  • Speaks iSCSI, SMB3, NFS, including RDMA-capable iSER and SMB Direct fluently
  • Comes with pre-installed external backup, antivirus, and ProActive support

StarWind SA is not some random storage to provide capacity. It is a full-fledged storage solution equipped with unique software that will ensure a highly productive upgrade for your infrastructure with a perk of increasing ROI as well.

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What The World Says About Us

StarWind included as Niche Player for the fourth consecutive time in 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for HCI Software

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software
reviewed April 5, 2021
Industry: Finance
Company size: 3b – 10b usd
01 / 10 Read more
reviewed Sep 13, 2021
Industry: Construction
Company size: <50m usd
02 / 10 Read more
reviewed June 12, 2021
Industry: Manufacturing
Company size: 50m - 250m usd
03 / 10 Read more
reviewed October 14, 2020
Industry: Education
Company size: <5,000 emp
04 / 10 Read more
reviewed March 16, 2021
Industry: Manufacturing
Company size: 3b - 10b usd
05 / 10 Read more
reviewed February 28, 2020
Industry: Finance
Company size: 1b - 3b usd
07 / 10 Read more
reviewed November 14, 2019
Industry: Finance
Company size: 1b - 3b usd
08 / 10 Read more
reviewed October 20, 2016
Industry: Manufacturing
Company size: 3b - 10b usd
09 / 10 Read more
reviewed September 1, 2021
Industry: Services
Company size: <50m usd
10 / 10 Read more

We are satisfied with StarWind. The support is really fantastic. Whenever any issue arises, the response is very prompt, and solution is immediate.

Srinivas Kouda, Company’s Representative

We were able to build 2-node storage clusters based on virtualization in 19 hypermarkets without any problems and with high cost-efficiency.

Vass Sandor, IT Infrastructure Leader

By being able to virtualize our environment with StarWind, we were able to retire some old hardware, get our services highly available, reduce power consumption and heat in our server closet.

David Gardner, Information Systems Manager

StarWind got us off the clustered environment, which was a big help. So, I could regain control of my storage and reclaim and redistribute the space we desperately needed.

Ryan Fulton, Company’s Representative

Price + Simplicity. StarWind vSAN offers great pricing and allows us to get work done without expensive custom hardware. It also makes getting back online quick and easy after an outage or hardware failure.

Aaron Hayes, IT Manager

We chose StarWind Mainly because of the cost compared to other vendors. Simplicity of setup was also a major factor and I like the fact that you don’t need a vendor certified engineer to perform the installation.

John Harris, Windows System Administrator,
Department of Physics, University of Oxford

Because of recommendations of older colleagues, with StarWind, we got a reliable storage with no additional hardware. There was a need to increase IT infrastructure performance and we saw StarWind as the most cost-effective solution.

Željko Medić, Director of IT Department

StarWind is the best storage product I have ever used! It satisfies and exceeds requirements.

Joe Gursky, Director of IT
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