StarWind Resource Library

Success Stories: StarWind Virtual SAN delivers high availability and performance

Published: December 1, 2017

Andreas Psaltis & Sons Ltd., an automotive spare parts and equipment supplier from Cyprus, was looking for a storage solution with high availability that couldn’t be provided by the company’s previous IT infrastructure. StarWind Virtual SAN has delivered the required high availability along with fast performance and has been running for three years 365/24/7 with zero downtimes.

Success Stories: Get high availability and data security with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: November 22, 2017

Calp Town Council was looking for an SDN-aware storage solution for greater availability and security of its data. StarWind Virtual SAN has complimented the existing IT infrastructure and fully met organization’s requirements.

Success Stories: Griffco Partners exceeds backup RPO with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: June 19, 2017

Griffco Partners has been looking for a reliable and inexpensive solution that will allow them to meet their backup RPO requirements. Thus, they decided to go with the StarWind Virtual SAN that eliminated the problem of high costs of purchasing and maintaining a SAN. With StarWind deployed, the company has built a flawless cluster that absolutely meets their needs.

Success Stories: Tajco easily expanded its IT infrastructure with StarWind HyperConverged Appliance

Published: June 15, 2017

Tajco Group A/S was looking for a simple solution with flexible scaling options to expand its IT infrastructure. StarWind HyperConverged Appliance satisfied all the company requirements being simple to deploy and providing the ability to scale-up and scale-out.

Success Stories: StarWind provides Jo Kohlmorgen with an easy to use StarWind Virtual Tape Library

Published: May 17, 2017

Jo Kohlmorgen, a trainer in an IT Training and Consulting company, was looking for a simple virtual tape library solution. Having faced the high complexity of solutions present at the market, he decided on StarWind Virtual Tape Library, which was easy-to-use and managed to meet all his requirements.