StarWind Resource Library

White Paper: StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance: Overview

StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance is a Linux-based VM with StarWind Virtual SAN already installed and configured. It allows easily deploying a shared storage in VMware vSphere environment as it’s hardware-agnostic and requires no external witness node to build a 2-node cluster. Learn more about the benefits that StarWind VSA brings to your VMware vSphere infrastructure.

White Paper: Virtual Tape Library Appliance: Datasheet

StarWind VTL Appliance is a backup storage array designed to help organizations meeting regulatory requirements for data retention and archival without changes to their existing infrastructure. It delivers fast backups and restores and helps to protect the data from disasters or threats like ransomware by securely replicating and tiering data to public cloud.

White Paper: Automated Storage Tiering

Storage tiering allows boosting infrastructure performance. Yet, in such systems, data management becomes a critical issue for IT staff who is to decide on which tier data should go. Obviously, as management becomes more hectic, total cost ownership grows, and return on investment may decrease. Find out how StarWind Automated Storage Tiering resolves these issues.

White Paper: StarWind Stretched Clustering

The concept of a stretched cluster itself is not new. Yet, the existing solutions featuring active-passive replication can hardly be considered efficient and fault-tolerant due to leaving only half of the available resources for applications while another half remains on standby. Learn from this whitepaper how StarWind Stretched Clustering accomplishes these challenges with active-active replication.

White Paper: StarWind Virtual Tape Library: Overview

StarWind Virtual Tape Library is an appliance that accelerates back up process and adds extra level of protection. It is easy to manage and it utilizes multitiered RAM and flash caching and data deduplication for exceptional performance, unachievable not only by tape hardware, but also by most of the similar solutions that use HDD.

White Paper: StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance

This document tells about StarWind Virtual Storage Appliance, the solution allowing to deploy StarWind Virtual SAN on Linux environments. It is a Linux-based virtual machine with fully pre-installed and pre-configured StarWind Virtual SAN, providing a simple way to deploy StarWind in any infrastructure and eliminating the need in Windows licensing when it is unnecessary.