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SaaS & Financing

For businesses looking to get high-performing and fault-tolerant storage for their VMs and applications but are limited on budgets and IT team resources, we offer SaaS & Financing. SaaS allows you to start using StarWind software products with setup, maintenance, and support straight away on a monthly payment basis. Financing works similarly to SaaS but allows the company to redeem the license with monthly payments after 3 years.

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Financial Freedom

No more CapEx barriers on your way. You can start using your chosen StarWind software solution right now since the price resides completely in OpEx with a convenient subscription payment model.

Flexible Terms

Plan your expenses without any strain. StarWind has built its products and pricing with restricted budgets in mind. You will be able to easily support the chosen plan on a regular without the risk of payment failure.

Customer Priority

Minimum customer’s IT team engagement. Both plans include helpful and friendly StarWind Support. We’ll take care of the infrastructure whenever it needs any service, adjustments or maintenance.

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