For SMBs that are willing to get a high-performing and fault-tolerant storage for their VMs and applications but are limited on budgets and IT team resources, we offer SaaS & Financing services. SaaS allows you to start using StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) with setup, maintenance, and support straight away on quarterly payment basis. Financing works similarly to SaaS but allows the company to redeem the license with quarterly payments after 3 years.

SaaS and Financing options are applicable to StarWind Virtual SAN Enterprise and Datacenter Editions.


The license is provided per one node, with a minimum package of two nodes, is scalable to an unlimited number of nodes, no storage capacity limitations, and provides the ability to add Asynchronous Replication to the cluster. The pricing for multiple nodes is discounted and available upon request.


This is a premium edition from StarWind, which includes the following for a single site/datacenter: Unlimited Nodes, Unlimited Capacity and Asynchronous Replication.

CAPEX limitations

No more CAPEX barriers on your way. You can start using StarWind VSAN right now since the price resides completely in OPEX with a convenient subscription payment model.

Limited IT team resources

Minimum customer’s IT team engagement since SaaS and Financing include StarWind Annual Support and Maintenance (ASM)*. The experienced personnel from StarWind will take care of the infrastructure whenever it needs any service, adjustments or maintenance.

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Please fill out the form below to determine how much the product will cost based on your individual case. StarWind sales will get back to you as soon as they receive your request. You will undergo a very short survey for us to find out what kind of IT-environment you got, what your business demands from it and what it wants more. The sales will make the calculations immediately and present an offer upon your request.

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