Release Notes VSAN for VMware vSphere

StarWind VSAN for vSphere OVF version 24092018, StarWind Service V8,
build 12533 (24 September 2018)

Download here

  • Linux Kernel update
  • Added Linux Software RAID support
  • Fixed StarWind service crashes when the size of L1 cache exceeds 3GB
  • Fixed StarWind service crashes when the L2 cache is assigned
  • Updated the automated storage rescan script
  • StarWind Management console is not included in this build. Management is done through the dedicated console.
  • Fixed issues with space allocation on the underlying storage during a device extension
  • Fixed issue with an empty header after resetting a VM
  • StarWind accepts connections only from ESXi iSCSI Software Adapter.
  • Fixed StarWind Events format in Management Console
  • Removed the "Mark as synchronized" option when HA device is in Maintenance mode

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