Virtual Tape Library Appliance: Datasheet

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Published: February 25, 2019

StarWind Virtual Tape Library Appliance (VTLA) is ransomware-resilient archival storage for your business-critical data that complements your on-premises environment with public and object storage tiers. Step away from costly tape-centric backup infrastructures in favor of air-gapped virtual tapes to ensure that your data archival and retention requirements are always met.

Automatically replicate and tier your data offsite to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Backblaze B2, or any other public cloud storage for maximum storage infrastructure cost-efficiency and data security. Simplify on-premises storage scaling and management with a range of certified industry-standard object storage solutions.


  • Storage is presented as LTO for easy integration into existing tape-centric backup environments
  • Meet Regulatory requirements easily with secure automated data management policies
  • Unmanned DR shipping: automatic tiering and replication to the cloud per user-set policies.


  • Shrink backup time and improve RPO using fast disk storage combined with 10/25 GbE connectivity
  • Get RTO close to zero with instant restores from disk-backed virtual tapes
  • Protect your data from ransomware and disasters by air-gapping it with VTLA and an offsite copy


  • Save on space and resources by replacing physical tape infrastructure with just one appliance
  • Save money on media storage and shipping by leveraging secure and scalable cloud storage
  • Save time on implementation: little to no changes required to the existing infrastructure

Partner Sertified Solutions



Double Fine Productions achieved higher applications performance without compromising infrastructure management simplicity

Price + Simplicity. StarWind VSAN offers great pricing and allows us to get work done without expensive custom hardware. It also makes getting back online quick and easy after an outage or hardware failure

Aaron Hayes, IT Manager


StarWind VTL Appliance comes in 3 models to fulfill various capacity requirements. Appliance range delivers up to 0.64 PB of effective local capacity with the ability to expand it using cloud and object storage as a cold data tier. VTL appliance also supports connecting physical tape drives and libraries through SAS/SCSI/FC in order to offload the virtual tape images to physical tapes if required. All appliances support data deduplication and compression.


VTL-160 VTL-320


Usable Capacity, TB 16 32 64
Usable Capacity, TB* 160 320 640

5 (default); 6; 50, 60, 10;

Operating Protocols

VTL over iSCSI (Optional block and file services: SMB3, NFSv4.1, iSCSI)

Public Cloud Connectivity

Amazon: S3, Glacier; Azure blob: Premium, hot, cool, archive; Backblaze B2; Wasabi; IronMountain IronCloud;

Physical Tape Connectivity

Optional: SAS/SCSI/FC
Please check with your StarWind representative for available options


2x 1 GbE + 2x 10 GbE, Optional 25 GbE


750W, Redundant

Form Factor

2U Rackmount

*After Deduplication and Compression.  Data optimization ratio may vary depending on data nature and deduplication/compression processes happening within the backup software.

StarWind VTL Appliance supports following backup software:

Backup Solution


Acronis Backup 10 – 12.5
ArcServe Backup 11.5 – 17
ArcServe UDP 5.x – 6.0
Bacula 9.2.0
Commvault 9.0 – 11
EMC AVAMAR (via ADMe) 6.1 – 7.5
EMC NetWorker 7.6 – 18.1
IBM TSM 6.6.2 – 8.1.5
HP DataProtector 7.x – 9.0
Microsoft DPM* 2012 – 2016
Unitrends 9.1 – 10
Veeam Backup & Replication 9.0 – 9.5
Veritas/Symantec BackupExec 12.x – 20.3
Veritas/Symantec NetBackup 6.x – 8.1.2
Quest NetVault Backup 12.4

Management and Security: StarWind Web Management, PowerShell, StarWind Command Center (coming Q3 2019)

StarWind Virtual Tape Library replaces costly tape backup processes with on-premises Virtual Tape Libraries with cloud and object storage tier. Such design not only grants ransomware protection but also facilitates meeting regulatory data archival and retention requirements.
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