Value proposition

StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) OEM

StarWind Virtual SAN OEM Software-Defined Storage (SDS) Solutions are designed for companies looking to meet customer demand for solutions that are fault tolerant, high performing, and simple to manage. We have the fastest and most resource-efficient SDS engine on the market. Our OEM & R&D teams are ready to customize all parts of VSAN and its management to become an integral part of your offering, even if the deadline was yesterday. With StarWind Virtual SAN OEM you can deliver maximum reliability where mission success and people's lives depend on your solution.

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Minimum Hardware

StarWind Virtual SAN, as part of your OEM, achieves flawless fault tolerance and high availability starting with two nodes already. You can offer small two-node hyper-converged platforms that will satisfy an array of diverse needs of your customers with ease.

Compatibility with COTS

Our SDS is one of a kind, excluding any vendor lock-in or rigid hardware compatibility lists. StarWind VSAN works on any commodity off-the-shelf hardware. Choose any architecture for your original solution and we will power it up like no else.

Deployment Assistance
& Simplicity

StarWind will compile a dedicated teams of engineers and business analysts to assist you with your project. We offer our full expertise on all stages, from concept design to support. Virtual SAN is easy to master, so your tech experts won't be locked to StarWind.

Stawind OEM in action

StarWind enables Bosch to deliver a secure workplace for millions of people worldwide.

StarWind technology enables Sony customers to work with Sony archival storage without changing media management workflows.

StarWind VSAN makes Western Digital shared storage management a plug-and-play experience.

StarWind simplifies data management experience for Veeam in hyperconverged deployments.

Precisely (previously SyncSort) leverages StarWind technologies to deliver data availability and security services to their customers.

Nexitech uses StarWind technology to deliver cutting edge cybersecurity solutions for mission-critical IT infrastructures.

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