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StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) OEM

For vendors looking to enhance tape-centric applications with seamless cloud and object storage support, we offer StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) OEM. The solution provides better customer lifetime value and security by ensuring better protection through automated tape workflows and DR shipping to the cloud. VTL also provides considerable savings on hardware maintenance by phasing out unnecessary tape equipment. StarWind VTL improves ROI from existing mainframe systems by enabling cloud storage support in a way supported by the mainframe vendor. Enable secure and automated subscription-based DR storage options with cloud storage integration instead of rigid and labor-intensive physical tape infrastructures.

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Starwind OEM in Action
  • Works on both Windows and Linux
  • Highly customizable for seamless integration with your solution
  • Emulates industry-standard tape libraries with FC and iSCSI connectivity
  • Protects from ransomware through secure air-gapping in cloud storage
  • Supports all major cloud storage offerings, including storage tiering within the cloud: AWS, Azure, Backblaze, Wasabi
  • Supports any S3-compatible object storage: Cloudian, Pure, WD ActiveScale, Hitachi Vantara, and others

StarWind enables Bosch to deliver a secure workplace for millions of people worldwide.

StarWind technology enables Sony customers to work with Sony archival storage without changing media management workflows.

StarWind VSAN makes Western Digital shared storage management a plug-and-play experience.

StarWind simplifies data management experience for Veeam in hyperconverged deployments.

Precisely (previously SyncSort) leverages StarWind technologies to deliver data availability and security services to their customers.

Nexitech uses StarWind technology to deliver cutting edge cybersecurity solutions for mission-critical IT infrastructures.

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