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StarWind OEM solutions are designed for vendors and system integrators looking to deliver customized solutions faster than competition by using our products as parts of their own solutions. Our HCI, Management, Software-Defined Storage, and Virtualization solutions fuel autonomous vehicles, airport security systems, and military deployments worldwide. Scroll down to learn more on how we can help you build the perfect solution for your customers.

Starwind OEM in action
StarWind Virtual SAN OEM

Our OEM Software-defined storage enables you to deliver high performance fault-tolerant storage for your mission critical applications. Design flawless and flexible HCI and dedicated storage solutions powered by ultra fast and rock-solid SDS to accommodate the demands of Video Surveillance & Analytics, Healthcare, Finance, and Autonomous Vehicles.

StarWind Virtual Tape Library OEM

OEM Virtual Tape technology helps vendors to enhance tape-centric applications with seamless object and cloud storage support for long-term archival and vaulting. VTL eliminates manual labor in DR workflows and adds an air gap to protect your data from ransomware. Create secure solutions that save workforce time and money in Media & Entertainment, Medical, Transportation, and Shipping industries.

StarWind NVMe-oF Initiator OEM

OEM NVMe-oF Initiator allows you to bring your Windows Server customers uncompromised NVMe performance and latency with the only Windows-certified software NVMe-oF initiator on the market. Equip your сustomers with end-to-end NVMe-oF storage connectivity that will boost their application performance and give them an edge over the competition.

StarWind enables Bosch to deliver a secure workplace for millions of people worldwide.

StarWind technology enables Sony customers to work with Sony archival storage without changing media management workflows.

StarWind VSAN makes Western Digital shared storage management a plug-and-play experience.

StarWind simplifies data management experience for Veeam in hyperconverged deployments.

Precisely (previously SyncSort) leverages StarWind technologies to deliver data availability and security services to their customers.

Nexitech uses StarWind technology to deliver cutting edge cybersecurity solutions for mission-critical IT infrastructures.

Starwind OEM benefits

We will provide you with technical advice and aid in perfecting, designing, and supporting your idea. Only the best of our engineers will be assigned to the permanent team of your technical cortege.


We will be there for you all the way: concept development, technicality, positioning, marketing, finance, support, and more. Our team will become an organic extension to your in-house pros.


Thinking outside the box is what StarWind stands for. We're open to altering our underlying software to help better cater to your creative drive. We're committed to help you deliver your idea.

Customize Customer Experience
High Performance

Supercharge the performance of your modeling, simulation, and data analytics solutions by enabling clusters to use NVMe-oF by integrating StarWind NVMe-oF Initiator into the design. Quash the need to hoard NICs to use the full potential of Windows Server. We'll help you unlock the hidden potential that's already there.

Mission Critical

Achieve unbeatable storage fault tolerance for your mission-critical applications avoiding the need for a witness entity. With StarWind VSAN OEM, you can deliver impeccable reliability where people's lives depend on your authorial solutions. The perfect storage for your dream product: no HCLs, no nonsense.

Media &

Add cloud and object storage tiering and support to existing applications without changing any workflows. Offer a unique experience with StarWind VTL OEM as part of your solution. Include intricate virtualization, automation of data archival, retention, and de-staging on top of any creative resolution.

Offer Solutions
Instead of Products

StarWind always focused on delivering solutions rather than narrow-focused products. Now, we are committed to enabling partners to start offering infrastructure solutions that cater to unusual customer needs, helping you receive an upper hand. Our dedicated StarWind OEM Team that will assist you in making your dream solution a reality, as well as meet your business goals. On top of that, your solutions can include StarWind ProActive Premium Support — a 24/7/365 monitoring service that prevents issues from happening — as part of your solution's DNA. Let's solve the unknown together.

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