Webinar: Virtualization Showdown: Microsoft Hyper-V vs. VMware vSphere

Published: May 12, 2023

Selecting the appropriate virtualization platform for your business can be challenging. In this live webinar recording, you will learn how Microsoft Hyper-V fares against VMware vSphere concerning features, licensing costs, scalability, ease of use and other important aspects. The webinar will be helpful for system administrators and IT managers who are in the process of choosing an optimal hypervisor for their company’s IT infrastructure.


Success Story: Columb Technologies S.A. achieves 24/7 business operations by deploying a StarWind vSAN-based high availability (HA) cluster

Find out from this success story how Columb Technologies S.A., a Polish IT services and IT consulting company, achieves 24/7 business operations with StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN) helping it to deploy a high availability (HA) cluster, get a sizeable performance increase, and achieve simplicity of storage infrastructure management.