StarWind Support for the Community

We Got Your Back

2020 has been rough on everyone and everything. Most of our routines have been disrupted, plans turned upside-down or erased entirely, and things going more south by the minute. During such times, we should all stick together to persevere and succeed. That is why StarWind has decided to show its appreciation for the IT community by supporting it in a practical way.

You will get a chance to win PCs, infrastructure components, and other viable things to help up your game. There are no ulterior motives to it. We won’t collect your personal data, write to you with marketing BS, send you emails, or try to sell you anything. This is simply a chance for you to win something that may prove to be useful for you and your present or future work.

Entering Giveaway

The giveaway will be held on a monthly basis. There is no fixed date for each month, so be sure to follow StarWind on Reddit to know when the current one is up. The winner will be chosen at random (via and announced at the beginning of the month following the month of the giveaway.

All StarWind Giveaways have been officially concluded