What Is Scale Computing
HC3 Virtualization Platform?

Scale Computing hyper-converged infrastructure appliance, a.k.a. HC3, is a hardware platform that unites virtualization, storage, backup, servers, and a hypervisor in a single solution. The primary goal of Scale H3 is to simplify IT infrastructure management and boost performance. Scale Computing HC3 promises less expenditure on IT resources and operations while increasing your IT environment’s productivity and efficiency at the same time. Scale Computing markets HC3 virtualization platforms as being equally fit for core data centers as well as edge deployments.

HC3 mainly uses Lenovo hardware to build its Scale Server. As a result of Lenovo being a channel and technical partner of Scale Computing, the price of HC3 is indeed lower than alternatives from hyperconvergence industry leaders. Consequently, Scale HC3 leverages low cost as well as effortlessly replaceable or upgradable hardware components imbued with diverse virtualization capabilities, like high availability, disaster resistance, high levels of automation, self-healing, and others, all of which are sculpted around a Lenovo-based Scale Server.

Scale Computing HC3
Virtualization Platform Features

Scale Computing HC3 virtualization platforms are jam-packed with an abundance of features, just like any other hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) appliance solution. The long list of HCI appliance features, like HC3, stems from the fact that such solutions combine servers, storage, hypervisor, and a set of other hardware, firmware, and software pieces. The HC3 hardware platform has a long feature list to boast.

Scale Computing HC3 Features:

  • HyperCore is a Scale-Computing-native operating system (OS) that houses a KVM-based hypervisor and SCRIBE, a patented Scale Computing block access, direct-attached storage system.
  • HEAT stands for HyperCore Enhances Automated Tiering, which serves to prioritize data blocks in a Scale Server between HDDs and SSDs as a result of an I/O heat map tracking workload for every virtual disk.
  • Web Interface for HC3 virtualization platforms enables users to operate their hardware and software resources, as well as monitor per-VM and cluster-wide statistics, from a single place.
  • HC3 Scale-Out provides users with the ability to integrate new nodes into their HC3 virtualization platforms without downtime as the Scale Server will automatically pull its resources in within minutes after addition.
  • HC3 Self-Healing promises that intelligent automation will secure against node or drive failures within an HC3 based infrastructure and distribute data among available components and pool in replaceable ones.
  • HC3 High Availability is to assure that, once a node fails, all of the virtual machines (VMs) running on that node will automatically migrate to other cluster nodes within minutes after a crash occurred.
  • HC3 Live VM Migration accounts for non-disruptive VM migration across the nodes of a Scale Server without any downtime, even during a rolling out process for HC3 HyperCore OS updates.
  • Scale Computing markets an array of other features, all of which revolve around scalability, high availability, and disaster resistance. However, different HC3 licenses provide different features and benefits, which may prove too costly for ROBO & Edge locations. StarWind HyperConverged Appliance, on the other hand, is a turnkey HCI solution that comes with one license and all perks immediately unlocked.

Why Is StarWind HCA?

StarWind HyperConverged Appliance (HCA) is a turnkey HCI solution that’s integrated and virtualized through an OEM or StarWind-branded server platform. Its software-centric architecture increases the performance of your applications and provides them with constant maximum application uptime. With StarWind HCA, you will unlock close to 100% of your underlying storage potential. Despite the unmatched Enterprise-grade power of StarWind HCI Appliance, it comes with an SMB price tag. That's achieved thanks to a unique blend of the best hardware from StarWind's technical partners and StarWind-native software.

StarWind Engineers will pre-configure, deploy, and help migrate to StarWind HCA at no extra cost. StarWind ProActive Premium Support (included with every license) will monitor your environment round-the-clock and troubleshoot any abnormal behavior without your involvement. This allows you to avoid any issues and you will simply receive a notification after StarWind Engineers have dealt with it. You will finally know what "peace of mind" really means, knowing that your systems are vigilantly cared for all the time. This also provides you with more time for rest, creativity, and focusing on progress instead of chores.

Following the “less is more” principle, StarWind HCA exists to optimize your business’ agility by redefining your infrastructure’s output and your budgeting. StarWind HCA will dramatically decrease your CapEx and OpEx by merging network, compute, storage, and software into a small 2-node footprint. High Availability and Fault Tolerance are secured with 2 nodes already, no witness necessary. There are also no serviceable parts inside and the unique architecture will spare you from any replacements or a need to buy any more hardware for years to come. StarWind warranties have long duration and lenience terms.

Scale Computing HCI
Appliance vs. StarWind HCA

  • Scale Computing HC3
    StarWind HCA
  • Form 1U-Rack or Tower 2U-Rack
  • Licensing Flat payment + DRaaS; capacity and editions differentiation Single flat payment for the product, one license
  • Storage Varies per edition; a blend of HDDs or SSDs, or HDD | SSD Single flat payment for the product, one license
  • Hardware Compatibility Lists Restrictions in networking, capacity, tiering and mixing SSD/HDD Can become the basis or be integrated into any infrastructure
  • OS Compatibility Most Microsoft WS versions and several Linux OS with restricted Virtual Disk features Compatible with any OS
  • Feature Tiers and Restrictions More powerful editions provide more performance and features No node-derived licensing, no restrictions on features
  • Deployment and Support Available configuration guides + support assistance StarWind ProActive Premium Support included
  • Flexibility Scaling out is possible only within HCLs and up to 8 nodes within a single HC3 platform Scalability is available up or out regardless of the type of proprietary components

Benefits of StarWind HCA

  • Free Migration Assistance, which does all the pre-configuration, deployment, and migration for you
  • ProActive Premium Support monitors your environment 24/7/365 to detect abnormal behavior and prevent any issues
  • Saves you money on a highly skilled IT team, increases ROI, and allows to direct your financing to innovation
  • Becomes a powerful fault tolerance and HA booster for your infrastructure with endless scalability options
  • Easy and simple management and monitoring of cluster-wide operations and stats through an HTML5-based UI

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