What Is
VMware ESXi?

A pioneer in the virtualization, VMware is known to every admin who's ever worked with the virtualized environment. VMware ESXi, its flagship product, is the next-generation bare-metal hypervisor that makes deploying virtualization solutions look easy. Creating VMs on a physical server is the primary function of the ESXi hypervisor. If you were to decide to utilize this hypervisor, you'd find it has the minimum configuration requirements, thereby allowing you to start the production environment in a range of few minutes!

VMware ESXi and StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)

VMware ESXi hypervisor, along with VMware vSAN software-defined storage solution, comes in an integrated package as VMware vSphere virtualization platform, delivering reliable and continuous performance. However, even though the efficiency of VMware vSAN solution is out of the question, in certain cases, StarWind Virtual SAN can come off as a more suitable alternative:

  • StarWind VSAN was created to grant SMB, ROBO and Edge infrastructure’s constant uptime from the get-go.
  • Unlike VMware vSAN, which is based on the “2 nodes + 1 witness host” configuration for deploying a failover cluster, StarWind VSAN provides high availability with only 2 nodes without the necessity to license a witness.
  • SSDs are not the only options: StarWind VSAN deploys on whatever hardware you already got.
  • No HCLs for StarWind VSAN: it fits any configuration that meets its minimum requirements.
  • Cooperative and rapidly responsive StarWind support from deployment to troubleshooting

With StarWind VSAN, SMEs, ROBO & Edge can afford enjoying the benefits and performance of VMware ESXi hypervisor.

What Is
StarWind VSAN?

StarWind Virtual SAN seems to be a perfect fit for such cases because it allows creating a shared storage pool with off-the-shelves hardware at minimal costs, bringing to the table a rich feature-packed stack as well. Not only would it make your environment more efficient with a minimum of resources, StarWind, working on 2 nodes, can still keep your infrastructure high available and fault-tolerant, since it keeps functionality even if one of the nodes goes off due to failure or outage. If you need to build and maintain a virtual infrastructure without costly proprietary hardware and need a universal storage solution, take a look!

StarWind VSAN
Features and Benefits

Physical storage solutions still have a lot to offer, but many businesses neither require them nor can afford it. What to do when your infrastructure seemingly has no other option? StarWind Virtual SAN is the answer to that question. It gives you everything you'll need for a reasonable price, and it doesn't take a computing prodigy to run it.


By limiting the hardware footprint accompanying traditional physical storage, StarWind VSAN allows you to double your savings by lowering CapEx and OpEx. You can forget about additional licensing expenses as well. Naturally, as any product of a kind, it still requires hardware for work, but the difference in price between custom hardware and commodity one is evident enough.

Rich Features

And if all that wasn't enough for you, StarWind VSAN isn't limited by just price, reliability, and flexibility. It also offers a set of features such as server-side cache, NFS support, or Automated Storage Tiering to provide your environment with fault tolerance, high availability, and maximum performance.

in Use

Despite offering impressive performance, StarWind VSAN isn't following that scale in managing and administering. You can run it wherever you want, and it doesn't get more simple in configuring. If you have ever been working with a virtualized environment, you'll have no trouble running and deploying StarWind Virtual SAN.

Please fill out the form below to download the product. An installer link together with the license key will be sent to the e-mail address that you’ve specified. You may check the Free vs. Paid document if you are unsure about which StarWind Virtual SAN version you would like to try. Aside from this, there is a totally unrestricted NFS (Not For Sale) version of StarWind VSAN available for certain use cases. StarWind Virtual SAN for Hyper-V release notes are available here.