StarWind Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines

You may download StarWind Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines here.

General Information

This document has been developed for all parties, including licensees, authorized partners, resellers, developers, customers, and others, who would like, or need, to use the StarWind trademark for promotion, advertisement, reference, and for use on their websites, products, packages, and so on.
The StarWind logo, trademark, and design belong to the valuable intellectual property of StarWind Software, Inc.; therefore, the company protects its exclusive right of usage of its trademark and logo. StarWind requires all of those whom it may concern to follow these Guidelines when using or reproducing the StarWind trademark or logo.
If there are any questions concerning these Guidelines, or trademark and/or logo usage, please contact us at
Only StarWind Software, Inc. and its authorized resellers and partners have the right to apply the StarWind trademark and logo for promotion, advertisement, and sales purposes. Otherwise, any instance of their usage (inclusive of press releases) must be preceded by a written agreement with StarWind Software. When applying the StarWind trademark or logo, you agree with and follow these Guidelines, and agree with the fact that StarWind Software Inc. is their only owner. When applying the StarWind trademark and logo upon the written consent of StarWind Software, Inc., you agree not to misapply, harm, or bring into disrepute the StarWind trademark and logo by using them alone or together with other word(s), symbols, or graphic elements.

Proper Usage of StarWind Trademark

  • You should follow the exact spelling and capitalization of StarWind trademark as it is used in the StarWind materials and on StarWind website.
  • You need to write the © symbol with the StarWind trademark in all cases other than a body text; at that, the symbol must be used on the first occurrence of the StarWind name. You can also proceed to write the © symbol after the first occurrence everywhere in your materials.

Proper Usage of StarWind Logo

Do not use the StarWind logo if you do not have a written agreement with StarWind Software authorizing you to use it. If you have the written consent from StarWind, you should use the StarWind logo in accordance with the following guidelines:
  • The StarWind logo is an exclusive work of art. You may only reproduce the logo provided by StarWind Software, Inc. Avoid changing or distorting the appearance of the logo by altering its colors or creating your own design fragments. The StarWind logo that you reproduce should have a clear, sharp view, and be well-performed.
  • You should leave enough clear space around the StarWind logo. Do not populate this space with any other graphical elements, symbols, or phrases.
  • Do not reproduce the logo in a way that distorts the logo's appearance and makes it look indistinct or blurry. Always preserve the original size of the logo.
  • Avoid usage of the StarWind logo for solely decorative purposes without written consent from StarWind Software, Inc.
  • If you would like to ask for and become authorized for the use of StarWind trademark or logo, please send your request to
You may download StarWind Style Guidelines here.

Authorized Usage of StarWind Trademark

  • You may apply the StarWind trademark when referring to the software products designed by and services provided by StarWind Software, Inc. If you are a StarWind authorized reseller, licensee, or you have the necessary authority to distribute or promote StarWind products, you may use the StarWind trademark and logo in your advertisement, promotion, and sales documents.
  • You may apply the StarWind trademark and logo to show the relationship of your products with StarWind Software Inc. and StarWind's products and services. In this case, you should not incorporate the StarWind trademark and logo in the name or your product or service.

Unauthorized Usage of StarWind Trademark and Logo

  • You cannot apply or register in any foreign or national jurisdiction StarWind trademark as the name or part of your company's, products' or services' names, as well as a domain name in a way that may be confusing for the actual or potential customers or any other people concerning StarWind's belonging to or sponsorship of your company, products, or services. Avoid using StarWind trademark in a way that may make StarWind trademark look less significant.
  • You cannot use the StarWind logo without a written agreement with StarWind Software, Inc. that authorizes the use of this logo.
  • Avoid using StarWind trademark for deluding or incorrect advertisement. StarWind trademark may be used in honest advertisement providing the actual information on the company, products, and services. StarWind trademark and logo cannot be used for advertising that violates the laws and regulations of any country.
  • Avoid using StarWind trademark on or in relation to any shocking, offensive, pornographic, or other reprehensible materials of any kind.
  • Avoid using StarWind trademark in a way that may degrade StarWind Software, Inc., damage StarWind's name, or the reputation of StarWind's products and services.
  • Avoid imitating or copying the StarWind type style, logos, or trade dress.

If You Have Noticed the Improper Usage of the StarWind Trademark and Logo

If you happen to notice any misuse of the StarWind trademark and logo, or their usage that violates any of the laws or rules provided herein, or if you see cases when any other trademark or logo looks confusingly like the StarWind trademark and logo, please let us know about this. Please direct your emails to

Please fill out the form below to download the product. An installer link together with the license key will be sent to the e-mail address that you’ve specified. You may check the Free vs. Paid document if you are unsure about which StarWind Virtual SAN version you would like to try. Aside from this, there is a totally unrestricted NFS (Not For Sale) version of StarWind VSAN available for certain use cases. StarWind Virtual SAN for Hyper-V release notes are available here.