Success Story: Baker Tilly BVI Success Story

Baker Tilly BVI Gained High Reliability with StarWInd Virtual SANВ® "When we were faced with replacing our SAN which we had outgrown, we had several choices. We could have purchased another SAN with more capacity from the vendor. Instead, we decided to use StarWind. For lower cost, we were able to achieve greater capability, more capacity, and redundancy." Norman Allen,В Senior IT Manager

Success Story: LocalTel Communications Success Story

LocalTel Communications Deployed StarWind as Its Primary Storage to Obtain Necessary Level of Redundancy and Reliability "We strongly recommend StarWind solution. Since our initial deployment our storage needs have grown and the product has successfully grown with us. We have increased our storage exponentially without any complications. We can now perform maintenance on our storage cluster without creating an outage." - Michael J. Gage, Network Operations Manager, LocalTel Communications

Success Story: EC2 IT enjoys benefits of a reliable inexpensive virtual shared storage with StarWind Virtual SAN

EC2 IT has been searching for a reliable and inexpensive shared storage solution. They faced the problem of high costs of purchasing and maintaining a SAN. They found the StarWind Virtual SAN solution the most appealing as it was inexpensive and provided high performance and features like live migration and high availability in VMware.

Success Story: Tetraedro expands its storage tiers easily and cost-efficiently with StarWind Virtual SAN

Tetraedro hosting company has been searching for a highly available SAN with flexible storage options. It chose StarWind Virtual SAN which allowed growing several storage tiers independently, with no downtime and at predictable price and managed to meet its growing IT infrastructure needs.