Queensland Tissue Products reduces the running costs for storage systems by adopting hyperconvergence with StarWind vSAN

Published: May 12th, 2022

StarWind vSAN lets us keep the server number down
and no need to worry about redundancy.

IT manager


Prior to using StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN), Queensland Tissue Products had numerous physical Dell servers with Hyper-V on top. The company was looking for virtual shared storage reasonably priced to minimize the number of servers. Otherwise, Queensland Tissue Products needed to keep a different set of NAS in maintenance for its VM infrastructure.


StarWind vSAN was the company’s first try at this kind of solution. But it became the first and one Queensland Tissue Products had used for solving its primary problem. Thanks to StarWind vSAN, the company got rid of the bulk of servers and ensured redundancy with a minimum hardware footprint.
Queensland Tissue Products created a highly available (HA) environment while saving the running costs for storage. Thanks to StarWind vSAN, the company’s IT infrastructure is up and running 24/7, so Queensland Tissue Products wouldn’t even think of using other products and will stick with StarWind in the future.

About the Company

Queensland Tissue Products is a manufacturing facility of ABC Tissue Products, an Australian tissue paper product supplier. It is in Brisbane and specializes in producing toilet tissue, facial tissue, kitchen towels, and napkins.

Company Profile

Tissue Products Manufacturer

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IT manager



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