ADTI saves tens of thousands of dollars on its IT operational expenses by moving to hyperconvergence with StarWind vSAN

Published: May 5th, 2022

Thanks to StarWind vSAN, our storage infrastructure has been
operating flawlessly with great performance and reliability.

Chief Technology Officer


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN) deployment, ADTI‘s infrastructure has included physical and virtual hosting environments. With the growing company’s needs and customer requirements and demand, ADTI added virtualization to its infrastructure, based on VMware. However, in view of using “local storage” with each hypervisor, this scenario had many drawbacks including size limitations, performance, technical management, and redundancy. Along with this, storage requirements for the virtualized infrastructure also grew rapidly. ADTI explored all available options to meet its needs: from hyperconverged solutions to the large “big name” solutions such as NetApp, Cisco, and so on. The company’s IT infrastructure was too big for hyperconverged solutions, but it was not ready for the major investments that a full-sized storage infrastructure would need. In this regard, StarWind’s offering was a perfect fit for ADTI and remains so until today, almost 10 years later.


ADTI has chosen StarWind vSAN as it provided all the features the company needed, namely performance, redundancy, expandability when required, ease of management, reliability, all at a reasonable cost and within the existing budget needs. Compared to similar solutions from other vendors, the company’s savings are likely in tens of thousands of dollars over the years, and ADTI did not pay for features that it does not need. The company is very happy and impressed with StarWind’s products as well as the technical support from StarWind Support Team. If and when ADTI has needed assistance, StarWind’s tech support has been very responsive, thorough, and very helpful.

About the Company

American Data Technology, Inc. (ADTI) provides managed web hosting services including dedicated servers in physical or virtual configurations for a variety of customers including small, medium, and large companies. ADTI started its hosting operations in 1995 and operates its own hosting infrastructure in data centers in North Carolina and Virginia, USA.

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