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October 3 | 11am PT / 2pm ET
Disaster Recovery 101
Hyper-V and vSphere
Speaker: Oleg Pankevych, Solutions Engineer, StarWind

Success Story: FAFCO has built a resilient and powerful IT environment with StarWind Virtual SAN

FAFCO Incorporated, an American solar water heating and thermal storage heating manufacturer used to run a bunch of standalone servers. Such IT ecosystem could not ensure the decent production uptime, so the company required the solution that would transform their existing environment into something resilient and reliable. This success story sheds light on how StarWind Virtual SAN managed to do that.

Success Story: MUM Industries has removed performance bottlenecks in a cost-efficient way with StarWind Virtual SAN

MUM Industries, an American electrical enclosures and industrial double-diaphragm manufacturer, had its enterprise resource planning system performance bottlenecked by an all-HDD SAN. An extra SAN or deploying a dedicated all-flash solution would be an overkill for company’s needs and would be pretty expensive on the whole. Find out from this success story how the company streamlined its environment with StarWind Virtual SAN without breaking the budget.

Success Story: Applied Software Technology reduced the amount of physical equipment needed to ensure the decent performance with StarWind Virtual SAN

Applied Software Technology, an American system integrator, faced space and cooling limitations which their existing hardware could not fit. Learn from this success story how StarWind Virtual SAN allowed the company to reduce the amount of physical equipment without compromising the IT environment performance.

Success Story: Education Resource Strategies achieved higher production uptime with StarWind Virtual SAN

Education Resource Strategies is an American non-profit advisory organization that helps build better schooling systems. Due to poor IT environment redundancy, their production was in risk: if one node failed, the entire production would go down. Learn from this success story how StarWind Virtual SAN promoted organization’s environment resiliency and fault tolerance without breaking the budget.