GCL Diesel creates the failover cluster exactly for their budget with StarWind

Updated: February 1st, 2019

StarWind offers clustered storage and failover with just two nodes. This met our budget constraints without sacrificing performance.

Rummy Dabgotra, company’s representative


Prior to StarWind VSAN deployment, GCL Diesel had non-redundant Windows 2003 servers with localized storage. To optimize the infrastructure, the company considered using a physical SAN as a solution to build a failover cluster. However, a full SAN infrastructure along with redundant application servers was quite an expensive option that did not fit the budget of this small company.


Sweeping away the idea of purchasing an expensive physical SAN for the failover cluster, GCL Diesel decided to implement a software-defined storage by StarWind. Its deployment allowed the company to fit budget constraints without sacrificing performance. As a result, GCL Diesel created a fault-tolerant system with the failover-cluster with just two nodes. The solution was cost-effective and solved company’s failover issues. It works as described with no issues.

Also, GCL Diesel highlights StarWind support services. After a catastrophic power and UPS failure in the main building, the company ran into a clustered storage syncing issue as all servers had come down ungracefully. Very quickly, Starwind support was able to remote into the servers to work together and bring the servers up with just a minimum of downtime. The support and follow-up from StarWind engineers were exemplary. GCL Diesel plans to deploy future hardware servers in a 2-node HA infrastructure with Starwind.

About the Company

GCL Diesel is a Canadian distribution and service center for all diesel related products. As today’s electronic diesel engines require extensive troubleshooting and diagnostic abilities, GCL Diesel is thriving to keep up with the times. The company’s employees have extensive computer and electronics background which allows its customers with diesel powered vehicles to get the best services. That way, GCL Diesel has been building customer relationships for over 40 years evolving into one of North America’s premier diesel service and diesel part distribution companies.

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Rummy Dabgotra, company’s representative