Thorburn Associates achieved unprecedented uptime with StarWind Virtual SAN

Updated: November 20th, 2019

StarWind plays well with Microsoft Servers and Hyper-V. With a pair of physical hosts, I can easily move my virtual machines between hosts for maintenance or failure. We could not do that before.

Jerry Gode, Senior Associate


Before StarWind Virtual SAN deployment, Thorburn Associates used to run its production on the aging physically shared storage with Hyper-V on top. There was no virtualization at all, only a bunch of physical machines. And, if any of physical components went down, the entire production would be down as well!

The company needed virtualization badly. It required to change part of its old hardware and was looking for a flexible hardware-agnostic shared storage provider.


StarWind Virtual SAN was chosen as it can be easily deployed on the existing company’s hardware. Sure, TA updated some pieces of its hardware, but it wasn’t a big deal to deploy VSAN on the resulting infrastructure.

StarWind VSAN is a Windows-native solution, so it was easily integrated with Windows Server management tools and Hyper-V.

Also, the company ensured unprecedented uptime thanks to Windows Server Failover Clustering and StarWind Virtual SAN. Running production on just a pair of servers, the administrator can easily move virtual machines between hosts if one of those servers goes down.

About the Company

Founded in 1992, Thorburn Associates develops space layouts, equipment, and system requirements. Professionals at TA consider themselves both sensologists and technologists. Well, no wonder, they deal with both technological and esthetical aspects of their solutions to make everyone feel comfortable within the spaces they design!

Apart from design, the company also creates facility master plans for further expansion and provides equipment evaluation services, user training, and the overall system adjustments.

Company Profile

Acoustical Consulting, Technology Engineering, & Lighting Design

Contact Person

Jerry Gode, Senior Associate