Connect it Networks deploys StarWind VSAN to take maximum advantage of their existing yet powerful IT infrastructure

Updated: February 1st, 2019

We discovered that the “old infrastructure” was actually underutilized but being powerful – we upgraded the CPU, RAM and Storage and noticed that the “old” became new again.

Richard Ojeleye, Senior Communications Technologist


Prior to StarWind VSAN deployment, Connect it Networks’ infrastructure consisted of backing up one server to the other. The company could not leverage the other server’s resources like RAM and CPU, just storage.

The moment arrived as they kind of grew overnight and realized that with the ever-changing technology, they did not want to keep upgrading and switching out servers. The servers they had were sufficient and well taken care of. The only thing needed was to find a software that would help them make the best use of what they already had.


Starwind came as a salvation, a Hail Mary. Connect it Networks opted for StarWind VSAN without even looking at other products. StarWind VSAN breathed new life into the company’s old infrastructure. It works well and efficient. The old became new again. Connect it Networks plans to keep using StarWind VSAN and refer to people who might be in the same situation as they once were.

About the Company

Connect it Networks is an innovative Canadian company that specializes in providing premium quality telephone, structured cabling, connectivity and retirement residence solutions for organizations of all sizes. Under the leadership of seasoned communications entrepreneurs, a team of knowledgeable business analysts, highly trained and certified technicians, have been developing communications solutions for over 20 years. Connect it Networks is more than just a technology company. It collaborates closely with the customer to develop a customized telecommunications solution. The company aims to help its customers meet their exact requirements while being flexible enough to adapt to future needs. Therefore, an easy-to-manage and simply scalable IT infrastructure is a must for Connect it Networks to provide high-quality service to their customers.

Company Profile

Structured Cabling, Cloud Voice Solutions, Skype UC and Unified Communications for Senior Residence

Contact Person

Richard Ojeleye, Senior Communications Technologist