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October 11 | 11am PT / 2pm ET
Learn how to build an IT infrastructure of your dream
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Speaker: Ivan Talaichuk, Pre-Sales Engineer, StarWind

Tap Room Meeting: No Irish Handcuffs of Windows Server Solutions with StarWind Virtual SAN

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Anatoly Vilchinsky, Head of Support Department, StarWind Software Inc.

Duration: 46:33

Published: March 19, 2015

Key points of the webinar:

  • What is Irish Handcuffs of Windows Server Solution and how StarWind helps to avoid it
  • StarWind Virtual SAN in action

Sometimes the IT cocktails taste much better rather than pure drinks. Few examples: Arak Typhoon has better aftertaste comparing to pure raki Moscow Mule gets results much faster comparing to pure vodka.
Windows Server may be less expensive and more efficient when talking about speed is mixed with StarWind.