StarWind Storage Gateway for Calamu

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: December 2nd, 2022


Data backup is the ultimate “better safe than sorry” for today’s business. Ransomware attacks on average cost companies 4.5M USD in 2022. Trends also see ransomware corrupt data on top of exfiltration (data theft) and encryption. Depending on the company size, downtime can cost a company between 10K USD per hour to 5M+ USD per hour. Scalability without security compromise as data volumes grow becomes an issue.

Investing in a scalable automated backup and recovery process governed by forward-looking data protection software is mandatory for modern business continuity.


Data theft and exfiltration is emerging as the top result of ransomware attacks, and cloud-based immutable WORM repositories are seemingly helpless in preventing that from happening. Ransomware can still copy and compromise copies of data, despite them being immutable. Such compromise to backups aims to cripple a company’s last line of defense, or circumvent it by threatening to publish sensitive data if a ransom is not paid

While building one’s backup and recovery process, an organization will face various hardware and software vendors. Configuring, monitoring, and managing the multi-vendor backup infrastructure is bound to create security loopholes and unmanaged costs. Human error and malicious intent are also added risk factors to data availability.

Meanwhile, the influx and volumes of data are growing exponentially. Keeping track of data security and data integrity throughout a hybrid cloud or even multi-cloud environment is beyond manual control. Scalability is factored against security, entailing more threats to data protection. There is also the issue of complying with various regulatory requirements when
it comes to data storage.


StarWind Storage Gateway for Calamu adds an award-winning layer of security on your backup data stored in the cloud, going beyond immutability to solve the urgent threat
of data theft and exfiltration. Calamu “cyberstorage” intelligence prevents tampering and automatically sequesters suspicious activities to prevent data corruption. The solution also transforms how data is stored, making it unusable if stolen or copied off-site.

On top of immutability and protecting backup data from exfiltration, the gateway fully automates the backup and tiering processes to any cloud and object storage. StarWind and Calamu work with all major vendors, like Veeam, Dell NetWorker, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Wasabi, etc. The software enacts a future-ready 3-2-1 backup rule that’s understandable, simple, trackable, and threat-proof.

The solution enables you to fluidly orchestrate and scale to any cloud and object storage. The data can also be stored jurisdiction-independent, which simplifies compliance with regulatory data retention and archival requirements. Data location management and recovery, as well as versioning and reporting happen via intuitive UIs. You have great visibility of both your data and your money, and an at-a-glance view of security controls

Securely replicate and tier backups to any public cloud, or fragment data across multiple clouds for additional protection.

Securely replicate and tier backups to any public cloud, or fragment data across multiple clouds for additional protection.


StarWind Storage Gateway for Calamu is an economical and reliable solution purpose-built to protect backups against the worsening threat of data theft and exfiltration, as well as against malicious encryption and corruption from ransomware.

Invest in a secure, easy, scalable and cost-effective backup infrastructure enhanced with automation, sophisticated data protection features, and intuitive operation UIs today.