Success Story: NICS Ltd. Success Story

StarWind Virtual SAN® Helped to Maximize Value, Bringing in the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership and Highest ROI over a 5 to 10 Years Period. "This setup has been bullet-proof for the last 18 months and the performance was for the most part better than expected. We have been very impressed with Starwind Software and have deployed it in a variety of similar configurations successfully since this project." - By Shayne Zaba, NICS Ltd. Director

Success Story: Harpeth Hall School Success Story

With StarWind Virtual SAN® on Board Harpeth Hall School Enjoys Increased Processing Rate and Saves Budget "One day I was talking to VEEAM support and they saw my processing rate was around 300 MB to a small 5 disk QNAP NAS. They said my storage speed on my host was really very good. Better than most numbers they usually see." - Justin Dover, Director of Technology

Success Story: Successful Implementation of StarWind’s Virtual SAN in University Advancement Makes it the Standard for Future Clustering Projects

Successful Implementation of StarWind’s Virtual SAN in University Advancement Makes it the Standard for Future Clustering Projects "The simplicity, reliability and performance are unmatched, especially when you consider that the pricing comes in less than the competitors. After one year in production service, we'd easily and readily recommend StarWind's software to any server admin looking for a robust and cost-effective SAN, without the single point of failure or proprietary operating system of a hardware solution." - Paul Harmon, Server & Network Administrator

Success Story: Nitroserve Success Story

StarWind Helps Hosting Provider to Overcome Single Point of Failure in Hyper-V Environment "We have tried different storage system solutions to obtain data synchronization and redundancy, but most of them didn't provide the real-time synching that we required. Then we tested StarWind, and even tried to "sabotage" it but it just kept working! StarWind meets all our needs and has taken a prominent place in our IT environment." - Sander van’t Hullenaar, IT Director,

Success Story: Vmhotel Success Story

StarWind Becomes the Heart of Cloud Service Infrastructure for its Reliability, Availability, and Resilience "Because of my investment in StarWind’s fantastic HA solution and Microsoft Hyper-V clustering & Live Migration, it was possible to physically move my servers from one datacenter to another without any interruption of service and without risking data." - Aitor Ibarra, Director, Vmhotel

Success Story: University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point Success Story

The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Achieves High Data Availability and Optimizes IT Expenses with StarWind iSCSI SAN "We were amazed at how easy the setup process was. In no time we had two StarWind servers clustered together providing highly available storage. Downtime is now a thing of the past" - Rob Kobiske, Network & Server Administrator at UWSP