Eurokars Group Indonesia ensures sustainable business growth by transiting to hyperconvergence with StarWind vSAN

Published: April 7th, 2022

StarWind really helps us in providing a reliable hyperconverged
solution in the Microsoft Hyper-V Cluster environment.

IT Infrastructure Manager


Before applying to StarWind for a solution, the Client company had separated virtual computation and storage systems using a mix of traditional and converged virtualization based on Microsoft Hyper-V clusters and separate SAN. It all created a large hardware and software footprint negatively impacting the entire system performance and data availability. Besides, manual orchestration consumed a lot of effort while improving the situation without reaching deep into the pocket seemed impossible. To improve performance, flexibility, and scalability Eurokars Group Indonesia required a shared storage and computation solution that would decrease hardware and software footprint, improve general performance, and provide better opportunities for sustainable business growth.


After analyzing the Client’s infrastructure details, StarWind experts offered deployment of StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN) software. This solution was aimed to create a unified environment, which would synchronize all separate devices and bits of equipment into one powerful engine. StarWind engineers provided necessary technical support and advice to make the Client’s transition to hyperconvergence fast, seamless, and smooth without impacting the existing workloads.

About the Company

Eurokars Group Indonesia is a Jakarta-based motoring entity, having grown substantially over the years to become a multi-franchise automotive dealership group in Indonesia.

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Automotive Industry

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IT Infrastructure Manager