The Society of St James Saves Up Considerable Funds Allowing It to Further Its Good Cause Thanks to StarWind VSAN

Published: November 26, 2019

Thanks to StarWind we could re-use IT resources without buying any additional devices or servers.
It simplified the whole infrastructure, made backup easier and services more reliable.
StarWind saved lots of money for the charity.

Patryk Kwiecien, IT Manager


The Society of St James established its IT department in the year 2000 to keep up with the demands of the modern time. Considering the number of volunteers, specialists, procurement, partners, and the needy that the charity deals with, the IT resources must be constantly available and efficient. Before deploying StarWind solutions, the charity’s IT infrastructure was built on 7 physical tower servers (domain, storage, SQL, etc.) connected via several NAS, as well as other storage servers in the HQ connected through a LAN. The flow of data was chaotic, storage was filled with multiple unnecessary copies of files, there was no ability to logically organize the environment, which resulted in high latency. The available IT resources were grossly underused and misused. The Society of St James needed a solution that would ensure constant uptime, build a well-organized software architecture and ensure the optimal use of existing IT resources. Curtain up! Enter StarWind!


The Society of St James needed a solution that would allow it to create customizable logical partitions within its existing IT infrastructure to establish smooth performance. Such a goal was to be reached without buying any new hardware since there was enough power in its existing bare metal; the problem was its underutilization. NASs were unable to keep up the high performance or ensure backup, considering the scope of the environment. Having deployed StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN), the charity achieved heights even beyond its expectations. Our solution made it possible to join all the charity’s offices through an MPLS network and simplify the infrastructure, bringing constant uptime and allowing easy and fast access to resources, sharing files and devices. The Society was able to partition the workload by running some servers in the cloud infrastructure while building a Highly Available (HA) Hyper-V cluster on the servers running in the head office. Deduplication, Log-structured Write-Back Cache, and Data Locality ensured that the charity’s IT resources were re-used in the most effective way with no latency to stall performance. With StarWind VSAN, The Society of St James was able to create a single HA and fault-tolerant Hyper-V cluster that removed downtime, secured most optimal storage use and created an effective backup without the charity having to buy any new proprietary components.


About the Company

The Society of St James is the leading charity for the homeless in Hampshire, UK. Recognizing the individual challenges people meet daily since 1974, the charity acts to support people in such hard times and helps them overcome the scrutiny in their own way. The areas of activity include drug and alcohol recovery, homelessness aid, specialist supported accommodation and sports therapy.

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Charity, Non-Profit

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Patryk Kwiecien,
IT Manager

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