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  • Webinar: Microsoft Clustered Storage Spaces and StarWind Virtual SAN for a Complete Software-Defined Storage Solution

Microsoft Clustered Storage Spaces and StarWind Virtual SAN: For a Complete Software-Defined Storage Solution

Jon Toigo, Toigo Partners International LLC Anatoly Vilchinskiy, StarWind Software Inc.
Published: January 2015
Duration: 58:56
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Key points of the webinar

  • Software-defined storage based on Microsoft Storage Spaces technology
  • Сomplement Microsoft Clustered Storage Spaces with StarWind Virtual SAN to create a fault-tolerant storage


Microsoft is enabling software-defined storage to work with its own hypervisor computing meme, building on its SMB 3.0 protocol and Storage Spaces technology. While the approach has its merits, building from the familiar to newer storage architectures, the resulting storage infrastructure is more of a scale out NAS than a Virtual SAN. With StarWind Virtual SAN technology, complimentary to Microsoft Hyper-V, a Virtual SAN may be implemented in a virtual Microsoft environment that delivers better resource utilization and greater overall cost efficiency.
Watch the webinar which elucidates the strengths and limitations of Microsoft Clustered Storage Spaces and how a Virtual SAN from StarWind Software can complement and improve on the infrastructure.

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