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  • Critical vSphere Applications: How to Create HA Shared Storage and Save Money

Critical vSphere Applications: How to Create HA Shared Storage and Save Money

Greg Shields, Author Evangelist, Pluralsight
Published: December 2014
Duration: 41:53
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Key points of the webinar

  • Achieve 100% storage uptime of your virtualized infrastructure without breaking the bank
  • Overview of StarWind Virtual SAN features


There’s an old saying, “All roads lead to Rome,” that has special meaning with VMware vSphere. With virtualization, “All roads lead to storage.” You can build highly available/DRS clusters, failover clusters, redundant networking, and converged everything, but without 100% storage uptime, your entire virtual environment will fail.

This reliance on perfect storage can mean loads of expensive hardware. But is it possible to build up a highly available shared storage for vSphere with just two servers? In this session, Greg Shields of Pluralsight and Max Kolomyeytsev of StarWind Software discuss how to create mission-critical shared storage for vSphere supporting RAM caching, log-structuring and data deduplication.

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