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Hardware-less VM Storage
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White Papers

Software-Defined Storage Architecture: Optimizing Business Value and Minimizing Risk in Microsoft/VMware Storage Strategies NEW

This document reports on the current state of software-defined storage (SDS) and the reported advantages and limitations in the implementations made of SDS architecture by current hypervisor computing market share leaders, VMware and Microsoft.

Published: October 2014

Compute and Storage Separated NEW

Modern datacenters are getting more and more virtualized these days. Storage systems, being the essential part of a virtualized environment are keeping the pace by evolving to the hyper-converged architecture. Nevertheless, hyper-converged architecture and "compute and storage separated" designs do coexist, since they are not mutually exclusive concepts and solve slightly different tasks.

Published: October 2014

Remote Office Storage Go Hardware-Less NEW

This document describes the way to greatly reduce expense on virtual shared storage for ROBO scenarios. Basically, going hardware-less will mean savings even for one office, while for multiple location, they're multiplied by hundreds and thousands.

Published: August 2014

Virtual Tape Library (VTL) NEW

This White Paper offers information on StarWind’s tape backup solution – the Virtual Tape Library. It's an essential tool that allows to virtualize the whole tape backup system without the need to change the existing infrastructure or placing the tape equipment in the same room with the main system.

Published: August 2014

Hardware Agnostic and Commodity Hardware NEW

This document describes the capabilities of StarWind Virtual SAN in terms of using commodity hardware. Utilizing COTS equipment is a crucial point when it comes to savings, because most of the traditional SAN/NAS systems only allow for the usage of proprietary hardware, which is extremely expensive in terms of OpEx as well as CapEx.

Published: August 2014

StarWind Virtual SAN Hardware Agnostic Hyper-Convergence for vSphere NEW

The document elucidates the advantages of hardware agnostic approach of virtual storage solution for SMB and enterprise ROBO. StarWind Virtual SAN enables cost reduction by using less hardware with software defined storage management for vSphere based infrastructure.

Published: August 2014

Three Keys To Cost Effective Hyper-V Storage NEW

This White Paper will be interesting for any IT manager, seeking the right way to build a Hyper-V based virtual storage. Essentially, there are three keys – software native to Windows, the ability to use existing hardware and a free choice of memory types.

Published: July 2014

Server Side Storage, Defined for Hyper-V NEW

This document provides essential information on the real idea behind "software defined" and describes the way StarWind Virtual SAN plays its part as a virtual storage solution for Hyper-V users. The main stress is put on the versatility of the product and its cost-effectiveness.

Published: July 2014

StarWind Virtual SAN Hardware Agnostic Hyper-Convergence for Microsoft Hyper-V NEW

This White Paper describes the advantages of hardware agnostic approach of virtual storage solution for SMB, enterprise ROBO and larges organizations. StarWind Virtual SAN takes on the main challenges – reducing the costs and supporting the growth of Hyper-V based infrastructure.

Published: July 2014

Hyper-Converged with Software Defined Storage NEW

This document gives an insight into hyper-converged deployment of virtual shared storage. It shows the benefits of merging together the compute, storage and networking layers. Hyper-converged infrastructure is a step forward compared to the previous converged systems.

Published: July 2014

Turning TBs into IOPS NEW

This white paper introduces the Log-Structured File System, which allows StarWind Virtual SAN users to turn their inexpensive disk space into costly IOPS. It increases RAID performance by involving multiple spindles into processing of the same request.

Published: July 2014

LSFS: Eliminating "I/O Blender" NEW

This document describes the way Log-Structuring technology battles "I/O Blender" effect, which dramatically lowers virtual storage performance. Designed for VM-specific workload type, LSFS (Log-Structured File System) fights random I/O, keeping performance high.

Published: July 2014

Server-Side Cache NEW

This document gives an insight into multilevel caching technology used in StarWind Virtual SAN. It allows the usage of commodity inexpensive hardware (DRAM, SATA, MLC Flash), providing outstanding performance and reliability.

Published: July 2014

Snapshots and Automated Storage Tiering NEW

This white paper describes the storage tiering technology utilized in StarWind Virtual SAN. Offloading cold data to slower but inexpensive secondary storage makes the whole system more affordable without any loss in reliability or performance.

Published: June 2014

Scale-Up and Scale-Out NEW

This white paper provides an insight into the benefits of scale-out solution. StarWind Virtual SAN offers unlimited scale-out capabilities, allowing for the increasing of storage capacity, I/O performance and VM number on the fly.

Published: June 2014

Asynchronous Replication NEW

This white paper describes the usage of asynchronous replication in StarWind Virtual SAN. Mission-critical business data is securely replicated to a remote disaster recovery site, being compressed and deduplicated for space economy.

Published: June 2014

Hyper-Converged NEW

The white paper shows the advantages of StarWind Virtual SAN in terms of minimal hardware footprint. Without the requirement for expensive dedicated hardware and special staff training it’s a really cost-effective solution, which also eliminates the usual performance issues.

Published: June 2014

Deduplication and Compression NEW

This document describes the advantages of in-line data reduction - a space conserving technology used in StarWind Virtual SAN. Increasing the usable space availablity without compromising performance and stealing IOPS is possible with this approach.

Published: June 2014

Creating a Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster using StarWind SAN V8 NEW

This document provides a step-by-step instruction on building a Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster with the help of the latest StarWind SAN V8. It contains all required information to get the system administrator comfortably through the process of installation to the point where it’s all "up and running". Most of the steps are illustrated, so you won’t find any difficulties with StarWind software.

Published: April 2014

WD® Integrates StarWind™ iSCSI SAN & NAS to Their WD Sentinel TM DX4000 NAS Appliance

This document provides a brief overview of enhancements made by addition of StarWind iSCSI target to the Western Digital’s NAS appliance - WD Sentinel DX4000.

Published: April 2013

StarWind Benchmarking Best Practice

The white paper provides the guidance for optimal configuration of network and disks in order to get high performing HA storage. The document describes in details how to test parameters that affect the overall SAN performance to a great extent.

Published: March 2013

StarWind High Availability Best Practices

This document is intended both for experienced and novice administrators of SAN storage. It provides basic recommendations regarding best-practice HA SAN configurations. In particular, this document describes setting of OS and networking, teaming and multipathing, synchronization and heartbeat channels as well as contains storage and HA device considerations. The information is illustrated with figures.

Published: February 2013

Virtualization Reality: Why StarWind Virtual SAN Solutions Deliver Value When Compared to Microsoft

This white paper describes five scenarios of use of the StarWind- and Microsoft-based technologies. It provides side-by-side comparison that illustrates the strength and limitations of both vendors. The document helps to dig deeper into the following features and capabilities: Shared Nothing Live Migration, Hyper-V Replica, SMB 3.0, Hyper-V cluster with SAS JBOD as shared storage, Scale-Out File Servers.

Published: December 2012

Why Is 3-Way Synchronous Mirroring Better Than 2-Way?

This white paper describes the difference between 3-and 2-way synchronous mirroring - capabilities that are both available in the StarWind iSCSI SAN & NAS solution. The document outlines the advantages of the 3-node high availability storage cluster that provides cost efficiency, increased reliability, and higher performance compared to 2-node HA.

Published: August 2012

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Best practices for backing up virtual servers with Veeam software and StarWind storage

This document describes how to use StarWind iSCSI SAN both as a production and backup storage. It also explains how to combine StarWind SAN with Veeam Backup & Replication in order to build a reliable storage infrastructure where a user can run virtual machines and ensure their safe backup.

by Luca Dell’Oca, vExpert 2011, VCP3/4/5, CISSP

Published: March 2012

Top 10 SAN Tips and Lessons Learned From Virtualization

This white paper outlines 10 best practices for using SANs in a virtual datacenter.

by Brien M. Posey, Microsoft MVP expert

Published: February 2012

The Revolutionary Solution: StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V

This white paper describes in details the benefits of the recently released StarWind revolutionary product called StarWind Native SAN for Hyper-V. The document highlights the might of server virtualization consolidated with the shared storage.

Published: January 2012

Creating the Ideal SMB SAN with StarWind and vSphere

This white paper outlines advantages of server virtualization and gives detailed description of features and benefits provided by the shared storage. The document describes how to build a cost-effective, reliable and powerful storage infrastructure using the StarWind iSCSI SAN solution and lists the hardware prerequisites. The white paper also gives the step-by-step instruction of how to connect vSphere to ISCSI SAN.

by vExpert David Davis

Published: December 2011

100% Storage Uptime: Overcoming vSphere’s Single Point of Failure

This white paper mentions the advantages of virtualization and gives a short description of the components that help your system avoid downtime and stay 100% up and running. The document provides practical recommendations of how to build the replicated environment in order to ensure 100% uptime of your storage infrastructure.

by Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert Greg Shields

Published: December 2011

iSCSI SAN for Education

This white paper provides an overview of how a SAN can help overcome limited IT budgets, being effective and inexpensive solution for educational institutions.

Published: December 2011

How to increase VMware Availability Essential Guide

The Essential Guide to Using Shared Storage with VMware to Achieve High Availability While Reducing Operating Costs

Published: November 2011

Hyper-V and High Availability Shared Storage by Microsoft MVP Russ Kaufmann

Hyper-V and High Availability Shared Storage by Microsoft MVP Russ Kaufmann

Published: November 2011

How to Build a SAN Guide: Convert Any Windows Server Into Shared Storage

The Essential Guide for Turning Your Windows Server Into Shared Storage on Your IP Network

Published: November 2011

How to configure a failover cluster using Microsoft Windows 2003/2008

This white paper discusses the steps to configure a server cluster using Windows Server 2003 and how to configure a failover cluster using Windows Server 2008

by Microsoft MVP Russ Kaufmann

Published: November 2011

How to configure a server cluster using MS SQL Server 2008

This white paper discusses the steps to configure a server cluster using SQL Server 2008 for high availability

by Microsoft MVP Denny Cherry

Published: November 2011

SAN Sizing Guide

The Essential Guide to sizing a SAN. Selecting the right number, size and speed of disks, RAID levels and SAN performance

Published: November 2011

The 2010 Guide to iSCSI Storage

The Essential Guide to iSCSI Storage and Why You Should Convert Your Windows Server 2008 R2 Into Shared Storage on Your Existing Ethernet / IP Network

Published: November 2011