Automated LTO P2V

For those looking to reduce their data access time to near-zero, StarWind VTL can help to switch from LTO to virtual tapes in a breeze. The solution is compatible with any LTO source tape. It enables automated tape-to-VTL-to-cloud cloning and migration, allowing to move away from physical tapes without any complications. Our solution will easily migrate and/or clone tape data directly to VTL, automatically replicate it to object or cloud storage, and scale anyway you need it.

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Migrating and maintaining LTO archives is a lengthy and challenging process. Creating a new data archival process from scratch is often not an option. StarWind has created the perfect algorithm to end the manual LTO migration, making the process simple and fully automated. Virtual Tape Library & StorageHeaven provide a solution for migrating and cloning LTO Tapes to DAS and Cloud Storage, all while still adhering to all the regulatory requirements.

StarWind engineers will assist with converting existing LTO tapes to virtual tapes, migrating the virtual tapes to the storage of your choice, and automate the offsite replication process for virtual tapes. Virtual-tape-stored data is accessible instantly. The tape bar codes are also transferred during the conversion, so applications won't have any problems indexing the existing data. With StarWind VTL, your archival storage will be ultra-fast, easy to manage, and infinitely scalable.

  • Secure

    No room for human error with no manual labor involved in DR shipping. No labeling errors.
    End-to-End encryption support for maximizing data security in flight. Data can survive even the worst disasters with Multi-cloud and multi-region data protection support.

  • Durable

    Virtual tapes have an infinite shelf-life; the format is perpetual and requires no tape infrastructure upgrades. On top of that, VTL enormously reduces the waste generated by the archival storage infrastructure.

  • Cost-Efficient

    StarWind Deduplication Analyzer works directly in your environment and doesn’t require moving your data or ordering evaluation kits. It takes up minimal time for evaluating the space savings you will get with data deduplication.


Automated LTO P2V Conversion:

  • Seamless integration into any existing tape backup infrastructure

  • Protects data from ransomware and disasters by air-gapping the data on object and cloud storage

  • Provides reliable DR thanks to automatic data tiering and replication to the cloud

  • Frees up your time and mind by eliminating manual labor and physical storage media shipping

  • Dramatically reduces RTO with instant restores from local disk-backed virtual tapes

  • Elevates RPO and reduces backup time thanks to fast disks and interconnect

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