ECCOS Chooses StarWind VSAN as the Perfect Virtual Shared Storage Companion

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: December 12th, 2019

Because of recommendations of older colleagues, with StarWind, we got a reliable storage with no
additional hardware. There was a need to increase IT infrastructure performance and we saw
StarWind as the most cost-effective solution.

Željko Medić, Director of IT Department


ECCOS is a company with a history of over two decades. Considering that it dwells in software and technological development itself, its IT infrastructure is organized quite effectively. The company has an on-premise datacenter situated in its HQ that consists of a dozen servers. In order to shape its IT resources into a single smoothly functioning environment, ECCOS used a combination of Microsoft and VMware technologies, including their hypervisors. Despite the availability of good hardware and software components, the environment couldn’t maintain High Availability (HA) at all times, and there was the issue of staying redundant if any crashes were to occur.


Having heard good feedback from its older colleagues, ECCOS decided to approach StarWind to try and get rid of the mentioned drawbacks. Since StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) can be deployed in any environment and configured to boost its performance as easy as 1-2-3, the choice was made in its favor. VSAN’s Swordfish Plugin makes it easier to manage, monitor, allocate, and scale StarWind VSAN-based infrastructures, as well as setups, removing the need to install or configure additional software, like PowerShell, WMI, Web GUI, etc. The SMI-S feature allows to uniformly orchestrate the whole storage system. Additionally, VSAN mirrors storage and cache between hosts, creating a fault-tolerant storage pool. As a result, ECCOS was able to merge all of its IT resources into a single HA and fault-tolerant cluster that also has flexible scaling possibilities.

eccosAbout the Company

ECCOS is a technological company, based in Zagreb, Croatia, that develops solutions in electrical engineering, IT, and security. It was founded in 1998 and has grown into a thriving business, consisting of over120 vibrant individuals and offices in Sarajevo and Brussels. The company’s solutions focus on building security systems in the fields of construction, education, healthcare, tourism and other areas.

Company Profile

Security Systems, Software Development

Contact Person

Željko Medić,
Director of IT Department

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