WizNucleus gains continuous high availability (HA) with StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)

Published: October 19th, 2020

With StarWind, we got a VSAN up and running on our 2 existing
servers enabling us to create a highly available environment
without additional hardware expense.

Nathan Adams, Company Representative


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, WizNucleus had 2 standalone servers with local physical storage and VMware ESXi on top. The main company’s requirement was to create a highly available and fault-tolerant IT environment without spending a fabulous amount of money on buying new hardware. In addition, WizNucleus wanted to optimize hardware costs while increasing the overall IT infrastructure performance. To this end, the company set its sights on virtualization and virtual storage implementation. In search of a solution for its IT environment, WizNucleus researched VMware vSAN, but it turned out to be cost-prohibitive for the company’s budget.


WizNucleus has chosen StarWind VSAN because it enabled the company to create a highly available and fault-tolerant IT environment without replacing existing hardware and with no additional equipment investments. Otherwise, the organization would have been forced to procure a third server to organize datastores and achieve high availability. Then as now, the company has a two-node failover cluster that ensures the safety of its mission-critical data in any unforeseen circumstances. Even with all things considered, WizNucleus saved about $5000 and also received comprehensive help from StarWind Support Team in deploying and configuring StarWind VSAN.


About the Company

WizNucleus is an American information technology and services provider headquartered in New York City that develops and maintains a suite of software applications for optimizing cybersecurity management and compliance in the critical infrastructure – nuclear power plants and electric grids.

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Nathan Adams,
Company Representative