Tudor Rose Management deploys an efficient StarWind-based converged IT infrastructure to meet growing workload demands

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: November 8th, 2016


Rapid company growth meant the existing IT infrastructure could not handle all the new and necessary applications such as sales analytics, SAP and a Warehouse Management System. The additional load on the infrastructure caused systems to become unstable, leading to server crashes which required high levels of IT support. As a result, the company’s business productivity and continuity was compromised leading to losses through planned and unplanned maintenance.


System 15, an authorized reseller implemented a new StarWind-based IT infrastructure, far exceeding business requirements including short-medium term growth prospects while keeping costs below budget. The new infrastructure was designed around a three-node converged system, with two nodes for replicated storage and processing and one additional dedicated compute node.

The architecture uses StarWind Virtual SAN to create a highly available, fault-tolerant storage pool. The software ‘mirrors’ inexpensive internal storage between hosts providing outstanding performance with unified administration.

As a result, the infrastructure at Tudor Rose comprises of 1.6TB of ultra fast RAID 10 SSD (for demanding business applications such as SAP and SQL) and 16TB of RAID 10 SAS storage. Along with 10GbE multipath redundant networking, the setup is fully resilient to one complete node or switch failure. Nodes can also be taken offline for planned or unplanned maintenance during working hours, with no loss of productivity for the company.

About the company

Tudor Rose International is an export management company, based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and working exclusively with British brands. Among its customers are Organix, Zeo, Burtons, Yeo Valley and many other well-known British enterprises. Tudor Rose specializes in snacking, drinks, health and organic, chilled and frozen, meal preparation and personal care products.

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