StarWind VSAN provides fault-tolerance to

Published: August 4, 2016

What we found especially valuable about StarWind is that it provided
us with fault-tolerant software-based high performance storage pool.

Gerard de Bresser, Owner,

INTRO provides online workspaces to SMEs, enabling organizations to operate anywhere safely and quickly. This is done from the company’s own redundant Cloud platform, primarily hosted in TCN Telehouse in Groningen. Only HP hardware is used. The data goes to at least two servers, so all the components are duplicated. This given, disruptions caused by hardware failures pass into history. In addition, there are daily geographically separate backups of all of the provided services.

IT infrastructure after StarWind implementation

HP DL360 G7 servers with
P410i RAID controllers
48GB of RAM
8x300GB 10k SAS
1 Intel PCIe SSD
4 1GB NIC’s per server

StarWind iSCSI Targets setup

2 large iSCSI targets per cluster
2 nodes in active-active mode in each cluster
2GB cache per target
~20 servers for ~100 users

What is kept on StarWind storage
Hyper-V VM’s

PROBLEM was looking for an affordable and scalable fault-tolerant storage solution to create highly redundant, fast and cost-efficient Hyper-V clusters for their Cloud infrastructure. It was not an easy task, because most of the relevant solutions require dedicated hardware or software, which leads to extra expenses. Another challenge is vendor lock-in and related to it compatibility issues, and performance degradation, as a consequence.


“StarWind Virtual SAN is simple to use, has great features combined with very attractive pricing,” – says Gerard de Bresser, the owner of The possibility to use the existing servers as redundant storage boxes appeared to be a very big plus for the company, which is clear – they didn’t need to spend money for extra hardware. Also, StarWind Virtual SAN proved to have the best performance as compared to similar solutions, which is ensured by a number of aspects, like minimalistic hardware footprint, simple deployment and management, plus sophisticated algorithms and in-house developed technologies.

About the Company

The company has set a mission to provide professional, safe, fast and affordable Hosted Desktop’s for SMEs, so that the offices can work safe and fast from everywhere, just like as on the Office.


Desktop, Server, Infrastructure & Application Hosting

Contact Person

Gerard de Bresser, Owner

Using StarWind for
~1 year